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This website is a place where you can bring the Warrior Cat world to life and roleplay as your own cats! What better way to experience a fictional world than through roleplay? Other than Warriors, we have a few other RP's you can join. No one replying to your latest roleplay post? Play some games like Description + Cat = Game, Warrior Cats Name Game, Yum or Yuck, and many more! We hope you enjoy using this website! May GalaxyClan be with you.

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  • Storms and Fevers

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  • The Mountain of No Stars

    This is where the evil rogue, loner, and kittypet souls go. After Stargazer (NPC character) decides their fate, he sends them here or to reincarnate into a Clan or group of his choice. Stargazer's mate, Silver (NPC character), and kit Galaxy (NPC character), help him with the decisions.
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  • The Valley of Spirits

    The Valley of Spirits has a special connection with GalaxyClan. In fact, they are bordered together against the Celestial Beings realm. The good souls that had left rogue, loner, and kittypet bodies go here, unless they decide to reincarnate to a Clan or group of Stargazer's (NPC character) choice.
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  • The Forest of Bones

    This is where evil Clan souls go when they die. They are not accepted into GalaxyClan. Therefore, they are just wandering souls, with no body. All cats, even GalaxyClan themselves, fear the Forest of Bones. It has been told that certain inhabitants of this forest have been able to posses the bodies of the living. This came about when moons ago, a witness saw their Clanmate go limp, then walk out onto the Thunderpath and get hit by a monster. That's when the witness heard a harsh, cruel voice, laughing. That's when the Forest of Bones was discovered.

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  • The Silverpelt

    All of the cats who have ascended into the paws of GalaxyClan spend their time here. For characters who wish to appear in a living cat's dreams or give an omen, prophecy, or vision, please contact an admin, preferably Daisy or Honor, so we can give you permission.
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