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Tribe of Silver Phantoms

  • Tribe of Silver Phantoms

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  • The Healer's Cave

    Behind the is a medium-sized den built out of mud, bracken, weeds, and twigs, where the leader can be found. Beside the den is a small badger set, where the leader sleeps during the coldest of nights. Like the warriors though, the leader prefers sleeping under the stars.
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  • The Clearing

    In the shade and protection of tall trees, this large and spacious camp ground is a luxury for the Tribe cats. It is built nestled into the side of a low hill, where the Healer's den. As for the warriors, elders and queens, their dens are mostly found in living foliage and are above ground, so they can't be flooded in rainy weather. The Healer's den contains a small pool fed from a spring, so there is no need for them to travel long distances for water. Still, most thirsty cats will drink outside of camp, so as not to disturb any patients.

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  • Burnt Phantom

    The Burnt Phantom is exactly what it is. The Healer addresses meetings and gatherings at the top of this boulder root with a smile on their face. The boulder root has been burnt from a lightning bolt from a past storm and creating it into the shape of a phantom. Sometimes this rock can shock you, but the tingling feeling gives you a sensation to keep the day going.
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  • The Hunter's Den

    A cozy den made from brambles and leaves and intertwined with honeysuckle. A thick sheet of moss and bird down cover the floor for nests. These cats do not like to be disturbed. Beware!

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  • The Caveguard's Den

    A cave that has ivy draped over the entrance. The floor is covered with moss and bracken. These cats are more friendly than the Hunter's, but they'd still like their beauty sleep! Beware!

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  • The To-Be's Den

    The to-be's sleep next to the Clouded Den, in a smaller bramble thicket - but still big enough that it can house plenty of youngsters. They like to take it upon themselves to spruce up their own nests to meet each one's own tastes.

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  • The Clouded Den

    The Clouded Den is placed diagonally from the apprentices, hidden beneath a big bramble thicket. There is a small break at the back of the thicket that allows for easy escape during any sort of a crisis, and the nests are made of soft grass, moss and pine needles.

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  • Glowworm Mushroom Caves

    The Glowworm Mushroom Caves are a magical place located beneath the mountains. The entry to the cave can be found at the bottom of the waterfall that flows through the Tribe's camp. At the end of the small pool that collects at the base of the mountain, the caverns begin. The cavern is never narrow, or even windy and twisty like some may expect, but rather wide and allow a cat to freely move about. It is only a few paces in, just far enough to reach the first turn to have the light from outside fade some, that the blue lights the caves are famous for begin – but they aren’t just any light. The blue glow comes from thousands of small beetles that line the cavern walls for miles. Though only bugs, the effect is magical and a favorite of the apprentices. Aside from the beetles, bats, mice and rats are just about all you’ll find in these caverns. They do go on for miles so cats are cautioned to stay within the blue-glowing zone to avoid getting lost which, as the elders will tell you, has happened.

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  • Siren Cove

    Siren Cove is just a rock that sticks out horizontally from the face of the mountain at the southern tip of the Tribe's territory. Roughly 25 feet long by 10 feet wide and a dizzying 1000 feet above the sea. Though part of the Tribe's territory, the ledge overlooks the ocean fjords just outside their boundaries in neutral territories. Though terrifying to some, the ledge is actually quite safe on a typical calm day and is often used by sunbathing Tribemates to relax and share tongues. But, like any cliff at such a height, wind gusts can get strong enough to sweep cats off the cliff should they venture out. Siren Cove, formally known as Bird’s-Eye Cliff, was renamed after such a thing happened to one young apprentice and now serves as a reminder for cats to practice safety on windy days. No prey is found here – just a killer view.

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  • Abandoned Temple

    Hidden in the middle of the Tribe's territory is an overgrown, mysterious building. It is the work of Upwalkers, but has long since been abandoned. Cats have tried in vain for generations to puzzle out what it was for. Within the mouth (for that is clearly what it is), a tunnel leads to a large underground chamber with a carved stone pedestal in the center. Yet more paths lead off of the chamber. Strange relics can be found here amid the dust and gloom, some dangerous and some not. Beyond the central chamber, though, there is almost no light whatsoever, so cats tend to avoid these places. Prey, including mice, rats, and bats, can be found inside, but many cats are unsettled by the strange place and choose to keep a safe distance, hunting the typical forest prey that lives in the area. Apprentices often dare each other to go inside, and some cats are known to have pulled interesting items from inside with which to adorn their nests.

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  • Giant Lilypad Pond

    The pond is located in the middle of the Tribe's marsh. Despite the trek out to it, the pond remains a Tribe favorite – especially amongst the apprentices and fool-hearty warriors. The pond’s surface is nearly completely covered by large, nearly two and a half foot wide, lilypads. These lilypads can easily support a 40 pound child so cats have little to worry about. The lilypads make a great area for any number of games – tag, don’t touch the lava to name a few – and apprentices eagerly pounce from lilypad to lilypad in play. For the more serious of cats, the lilypads make a great surface to fish from (the pond is well stocked with large fish) or the most excellent place to nap and sunbathe.

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