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Clanless Territories

  • Clanless Territories

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  • Murkwood

    Murkwood, aptly named for the thick growth and heavy fog that always blanket the forest, is located in the northern reaches of the neutral territories. The lush greenery of the forest, as well as the fog, is due to the warmer winds blowing off the ocean and the cooler air from the northern tundra meeting; the mixture of the two creates a dampness that hangs in the air year round to encourage growth, and as a side effect, produces the heavy fog. A bounty of prey and predators can be found here ranging from forest birds, squirrels, mice, voles, bats, mink, and weasel to wolverine, bobcat, bear, lynx, fox and badger.

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  • Drinking Dragon Beach

    Legends have it that the strange cliff comes alive on the darkest of nights, when no one is looking, searches the ocean for prey and warmth. It’s a tale loners tell one another, and while there isn’t a look of truth to it, the story is handed down through the generations. The cliff is located on the far side of the fjords, at the edge of a sandy beach backed up alongside the ocean. The water here is shallow for ten to fifteen feet from shore before it abruptly drops off and the currents pick up; cats are advised not to swim out too far. Green grassed bluffs and jagged, rocky cliffs line the back of the beach and are home to thousands of sea birds that come to nest during the newleaf and greenleaf seasons. Cats skilled in climbing may find the area bountiful, while those not so sure of foot can comb the beaches for all sorts of crawling sea-going critters.

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  • Upwalker City

    The Upwalker City is mid-sized by any standards, but busy enough to have daily traffic in and out every day. Buildings sprawl over miles with the tallest of them at the city's center. Upwalker house and kittypet homes, are found most commonly along the city’s fringes while apartments and condos are more centrally located. The city itself is located on the eastern coast of the ocean, and because of this the population seems to swell during the greenleaf months as Upwalkers flock to the beaches. Busy roads are home to the deadly monsters, and city cats have learned to keep well away from them, instead sticking to the more deserted, quieter alley-ways. City cats survive off human scraps, mice, birds, squirrels and even rats when kittypet food cannot be located. While some city cats may be helpful – friendly even – not all are.

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  • Sunflower Fields

    The Sunflower Fields were once tended by an elderly couple who liked to watch the wildlife come to their fields each year. The couple has since moved away and their property now sits empty, unattended. The sunflowers, even with no one to tend them, thrive as they spread further and further every year. The flowers draw in crowds of wildlife from deer, to elk to mice, rats, birds, groundhogs – the list goes on. The abundance of prey makes the sunflower fields popular hunting grounds for loners and other predators.

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  • Abandoned Carnival

    The carnival ground was once a place where Upwalkers and their children would come to get a break from their day to day lives. No one truly knows what happened or why the rides and booths were abandoned. It has since been quarantined from the public. The grounds are located on the outskirts of Murkwood and half of it has since been flooded. Small mammals make their nests in the nooks and crannies of the rotting structures. While rats are common the rides themselves are more dangerous. A cat could easily get hurt if they aren’t careful.

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  • The Sea Bridge

    The Sea Bridge stretches over the bluffs and is usually monopolized by heavy traffic. Motorists pay little attention to the animals that may inhabit the surrounding area and it is common to see bodies littering the ditches. At night the bridge lights up in order to caution vehicles to slow down. It is a beautiful sight but most animals like to avoid the area for fear of being crushed by a car. Those who are brave may try to cross the bridge in order to get to the lands beyond but most will take the long way around; using the foot holes in the bluffs to climb down and cross the ocean when the tide is out and the waters are shallow.

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