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  • The Gathering Hollow

    The Gathering Hollow is at the center of all five Clans. The cats hold a Gathering here every moon to discuss the happenings of the last moon.

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  • The Tree of Life

    The Tree of Life is located past the western border of GustClan's territory. Within this crumbling stone structure lies the Clans' conduit to GalaxyClan. The tree grows up out of and around the Twoleg building like no tree any cat has ever seen, and some say its roots reach all the way through the earth and out the other side. A pool of water collects around one of these roots in a room in the temple, marks placed on the floor by GalaxyClan (according to the Clans, at least) leading straight to it. Drinking of this pool will send a cat immediately to sleep, where they might walk with GalaxyClan. Medicine cats and their apprentices make a journey here on the half-moon, and leaders come to gain their nine lives as well as to commune with GalaxyClan when they are lost.

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