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Important Vocabulary

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Important Vocabulary

Post by Daisyleap on Mon Sep 28, 2015 7:13 pm

In the world of cats, there is quite a bit of different vocabulary that may be hard to keep straight for those unfamiliar with the series or those who haven't read it in a long time. As such, we've compiled a nice little list of words and their meanings. It's in alphabetical order for easy navigation.

Crowfood: Something rotting, usually fresh-kill.

Cutter: A word used by Clan cats and other wild cats that refers to the vet, usually one that spays and neuters cats.

Dirt: Feces.

Dirtplace: A place cats go to relieve themselves. Usually nearby, but separate from, the place they are staying.

Fresh-kill: Recently killed prey meant for eating.

Gathering: A meeting of the four Clans on the night of the full moon. There is to be no fighting on this night.

Greenleaf: Summertime.

Half-bridge: A dock.

Heartbeat: Used to measure time; a split second.

Horseplace: A barn or stable where horses are kept. 

Housefolk: A word used by kittypets that refers to humans.

Kittypet: A tame cat that lives with humans.

Leaf-fall: Autumn.

Leaf-bare: Winter.

Loner: A cat that lives on its own and doesn't defend its territory; generally peaceful.

Monster: A vehicle driven by twolegs.

Moonhigh: The time when the moon is at its highest in the sky, around midnight.

Moonrise: The time when the moon is rising in the sky.

Mouse-length: A unit of measurement. About two inches.

Newleaf: Springtime.

Rogue: A cat that lives on its own and does not care about boundaries. Are usually hostile and seen as a threat to the Clans.

Sharing tongues: The act of two or more cats grooming each other while sharing news of the day; usually done at sunhigh but not uncommon at other times of the day.

Silver boulder: A garbage can.

Silverthorn: Barbed wire.

Sunhigh: The time when the sun is at its highest point in the sky, around noon.

Sunrise: The time when the sun is just rising over the horizon; dawn. However, cats have also been known to use the word dawn itself. Sunrise can also be used as a way of measuring time, such as "three sunrises ago", meaning three days ago.

Tail-length: A unit of measurement. About a foot.

Tree-eater: A bulldozer.

Thunderpath: A road.

Twoleg: A word used by the Clans and some wild cats that refers to humans

Twolegplace: An area lots of humans live.

This list is definitely not complete, so if you see something missing just PM an admin!~

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