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006. The Timekeeping System

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006. The Timekeeping System

Post by Daisyleap on Mon Sep 28, 2015 7:35 pm

On Blazing Tails of Grief and Fortune, we have a somewhat complicated timekeeping system. Once you fully understand it, however, it will be easy. This post is just to help new members who don't know about time within Erin Hunter's world learn.

Here at BTGF, time is constantly moving forward. This means that cats continue to be born and die. However, we measure time in chunks called moons.
You may be wondering, "Isn't that a month?" To put it simply, no, but there is a further explanation.
A moon here is defined as the time from one new moon until the next, with the full moon being right in the middle. Most years, there are 12 moons, but occasionally there are 13. So a cat that is a year old may actually be listed as 13 moons depending on the year. 
We use actual moon data here, so if you're confused as to what the human dates for the moons are you can look them up anywhere online (This site is particularly helpful).

As for the names of the moons, since we can't call them by the names of the months, we use the Native American Moon Names. These are the names for the full moon of that month, so we use them for the moon surrounding that full moon.

January - The Wolf Moon
February - The Snow Moon
March - The Worm Moon
April - The Pink Moon
May - The Flower Moon
June - The Strawberry Moon 
July - The Buck Moon
August - The Sturgeon Moon
September - The Harvest Moon
October - The Hunter's Moon
November - The Beaver Moon
December - The Cold Moon

If there is an extra moon that year, it will be called The Blue Moon, wherever it falls. 

The speed things move at on this site differs between activity. Say it's summer and everyone has plans and won't be online much, then two real-life months will equal one in-game moon. If it's a time where people don't have much to do, then one real-life month will equal on in-game moon. This can always be changed depending on how much it will work with the members here on BTGF.

Hopefully this has helped you understand our timekeeping system, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to PM @Daisyleap!

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