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Shadowstreak of GustClan

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Shadowstreak of GustClan

Post by Shadowstreak on Wed Sep 30, 2015 3:27 pm

Name: Shadowstreak
Age: 37 moons
Gender: She-cat
Preferred Position: Deputy?
Clan/Tribe: GustClan
Alive Family: Sister: Specklerain (warrior of GustClan) Brother: Twilightgaze (warrior of GustClan)
Deceased Family: Father: Ravenwing (died from old age) Mother: Faintstripe
Description: Maine coon with a coat the color of black smoke. All four paws have snowy white socks and she has a snowy white patch on her chest. Lime-green eyes.
Physical Abilities: Strengths: Stealth, hunting, fighting, speed, defense, tracking, and stamina. Weaknesses: Endurance, swimming, and climbing.
Personality: Shadowstreak sometimes will be a arrogant she-cat, but she's a cat who always seems to take her pride in her clan and her rank way too seriously. She is the kind of she-cat who makes anyone who tries to make friends with her nervous, but even with that quality, she still is found to be quite popular. She is very suspicious at those who gain her careful attention and she is very sensitive to those who pursue her with disrespect
Likes and Dislikes: Likes: Peace, clanmates taking her words seriously, kits, hunting and going off on patrols. Dislikes: Cats disrespecting her, clanmates who complain too much, war, and loners.
History: Shadowstreak's parents met when they both were apprentices, but they didn't start liking each other until after their warrior ceremonies. Precisely 17 moons after their warrior ceremonies, and 9 moons after the two became mates, Faintstripe gave birth to three healthy kits, Shadowstreak, Twilightgaze, and Specklerain. Shadowstreak grew up to by quite the little sneak. At only 3 moons old, she had escaped from camp and was found by a warrior of her clan who safely returned her to her mother's care. After her apprentice ceremony, she soon learned she was good at many different skills. 13 moons after her warrior ceremony, the former deputy had been killed in a battle, and the position of deputy had to be filled by a cat Breezestar chose. To her surprise, her leader chose her.
Accomplishments/Plans for the Future: Plans on leading GustClan so well that the clan will prosper.
Extras: Her and her brother used to be as close as can be until she was chosen to be the deputy. She thinks that since Breezestar chose her, her brother has been jealous of her to the point where his tail lashes out.
Roleplay Sample: Shadowstreak padded into camp, 5 pieces of fresh-kill clamped in her maw. The gray and white maine coon slowly padded over to the fresh-kill pile, her fluffy tail puffed up as she noticed how quiet it was in camp. It's so quiet I could hear a cat's heartbeat from the opposite side of camp, she thought in her mind, her lime-green eyes darting back and forth as she glanced around camp.

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Re: Shadowstreak of GustClan

Post by Honorchior on Wed Sep 30, 2015 5:06 pm


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