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Town of Salam Character List

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Town of Salam Character List

Post by Honorchior on Thu Oct 01, 2015 2:09 am

This Is a list of all the characters in the Town of Salam (someday not be used depending upon how many characters there are.

Mayor - Town Support - [Gain 3 votes when revealed as Mayor.] This role basically makes you the leader of the town. Nobody will know who you are, until you choose to reveal yourself (This can be done in character), which you can only do at day time. Then your vote will count as three. Say for example three votes are needed for someone to go to trial, if you cast your vote on someone, they automatically go up. But keep in mind, a doctor won't be able to heal you after this period. If the mafia decided to kill you... You're done for.

Bodyguard - Town Protective - [Protect one person each night from death.] Choose who to protect at night. If they're attacked, you will fight off their attacker. You will die, but don't worry! Their attacker will die along with you. Oh, and if your target is doused, then you get doused for them. You have one bulletproof vest with you, which you can use to cover yourself for one night only.

Doctor - Town Protective - [Heal one person each night to prevent that person from dying.] Exactly like the description says, you heal people should they get attacked. If they do, you will heal them and save them from death... Unless of course, they are blown to bits by an arsonist. You have one self heal, where you can heal yourself.

Escort - Town Support - [Distract someone each night.] If you distract someone, this will prevent that person from completing their role's purpose for that night, regardless if it's a town role or whatever. If you don't have a night role, then escorts won't affect you. Examples of these roles are the mayor, amnesiac, executioner, so on so forth. Escorts, be careful though! If you choose to distract the serial killer, they will kill you.

Investigator - Town Investigate - [Investigate someone each night for unusual activity.] If you choose to investigate someone, you will be given a hint to their role. You won't get the exact role, so don't go around making accusations!

Retributionist - Town Support - [Resurrect someone from the dead.] This role is pretty straightforward. Like the description says, you resurrect a person. But you can only do this once. After that, you're useless. You cannot resurrect Mafia or neutral roles.

Sheriff - Town Investigate - [Check one person each night for suspicious activity.] You will be told if the character you decided to investigate that night is suspicious or not. You will find out if they are a neutral role, or if they are a mafia member. You won't get their role though, but the only exception is if they are a serial killer. The only role that will be listed as not suspicious, no matter what, is the Godfather.

Transporter - Town Support - [Choose two people to transport at night.] You will be able to transport two people. Say you decided to switch person one and person two. Whoever tried to attack person one, would attack person two instead. You can also transport yourself, but be careful with this one, you'll never know.

Veteran - Town Killing - [Decide whether or not to be alert during the night.] Notify me if you want to go on alert. You can only do this three times. During the night, whoever visits you, town member or otherwise, your character feels the need to gun down.

Vigilante - Town Killing - [Choose to take justice into your own hands and shoot someone.] Pretty much this. You can't kill on the first day, but after that, you can choose to kill anyone you find suspicious. In the game, you'd suicide if you shot a town member, but for giving you a sense of freedom, you will be forced to put away your gun, and you will no longer be able to shoot anyone.

Godfather - Mafia Killing - [Kill someone each night.] You're the leader of the mafia. You can choose who to kill at night. Your teammates will be notified of who you decide to kill, and can choose to act accordingly. You cannot be killed at night.

Consigliere - Mafia Support - [Check one person for their exact role each night.] Investigate a person for their specific role name, pretty much. Use this to your advantage. A mayor yet to reveal? Perhaps a trigger-happy veteran? Any information you find will get passed on to your team mates.

Consort - Mafia Support - [Distract someone each night.] Like the escort, only on the bad side.

Framer - Mafia Deception - [Choose one person to frame each night.] Framing is fun, if you know who's going to check who. If a sheriff checks who you decide to frame, they will come up as a mafia member.

Janitor - Mafia Deception - [Choose a person to clean each night.] You will be able to clean three people throughout the whole roleplay. If you clean a player who is going to die, their role will not be shown in the announcements. Use this to your advantage!

Amnesiac - Neutral Benign - [Remember who you were by selecting a role in the graveyard.] Pretty much this. Choose a role of a player that is dead (but you cannot choose 'unique roles'. Just choose a role and I'll tell you if you can take it or not), then complete that role's task.

Arsonist - Neutral Killing - [Douse someone in gasoline or ignite all doused targets.] Douse a person each night. They wll know that they have been doused. Once you're happy with your targets, notify me that you want to ignite, and bam! Everyone you doused will die. You cannot be killed at night.

Executioner - Neutral Evil - [Trick the town into lynching your target.] I will give you a random target (who will be a town member), and your goal is to convince the town that he/she is a baddie, and they must be hung. If you succeed, you win. If your target is killed at night, you will become a jester.

Jester - Neutral Evil - [Trick the town into voting for you.] Pretty straightforward. If the town votes you guilty, you may choose one of the people who voted guilty for that character to kill.

Serial Killer - Neutral Killing - [Kill someone each night.] Like the Godfather, only they work for no one. Razz Cannot be killed at night.

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