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In the between Role list

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In the between Role list

Post by Honorchior on Mon Oct 05, 2015 6:55 pm



Protecter~The rarest and beat possible good guy. They have magical powers beyond what anyone knows, and are hiding. (Super Duper Rarest Character)3%

Magician~You can use limited magic to help. A step down from Protecter, you have nearly all of the powers, but are not a "chosen one"(Super Rare Character)7%

Elemental Guardian~You have 1 magical power, but it is really strong, better than the Magician at that one power. (Rare Character)12%

Gaurdian~You have 5 weak powers. You are able to use intermediate spells. (Uncommon Character)15%

Apprentices~Training to be something higher than what you began as. (Medium Character)18%

Element Barrer~Has one weak power along with some intermediate spells and all beginner spells. (Common Character)20%

Welter~You can use most beginner spells, but do mostly do just are helpers (Super Common) 35%


Powerers~the leaders and most powerful ones of all. Think, worst evil people (Ultra Super Duper Rare Charater) 4%

Fallenskys~The Sons and Daughters of the Powerers. (Super Duper Rare Characters) 5%

Overleaders~2nd in comand, leader of the world. The 2nd worst villans. (Super Rare Character) 6%

Lorders~The Powers and Overleader's mind puppets, they are like the generals of the armies. (Rare Character) 10%

Slidals~Good with most magic, they do all of the "rituals" (Rare Character) 10%

Vlantellos~The Prized Pupals of the Above. (Uncommon Characters) 15%

Supporters~High Class, they have weak powers, and help in any way they can. (Common Characters) 20%

Lowbies~Super small amount of power, they make up the army, workers, ect. (Super Common) 30%

Humans~the people on the outside world without powers, they can tell something is wrong, but do not know what. (Ultra Super Duper Common Characters) 100%

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
StreamClan: Froststar, Droppaw (blossom), Flamewiskers, Falconwave, Ivorypaw (flame), Rocksteps,
FallowClan: Swiftdew, Zebrakit (snow), Cloudkit (wisps),
GustClan: Slushkit (flower), Ashmoon, Stonekit (shadow), Dappledleaf
FireClan: Melodypaw (moon),
HickoryClan: Bluespirit, Wildsoal, Soalkit(sky), Spiritkit(pool), Opalkit(song), Sapphirekit(snow), Crystalkit(pool)
Tribe of Silver Phantoms: N/A
Tribe of Secret Souls: Raven
Loners/Kittypets: Poppy, Juniper, Song, Ash, Slush, Gray, River, Rock, Shadow, Dust, Shadow's Leaf
Harry Potter: Rebecca
Town of Salam: Emma

~If we shadows have offended,
Think that you but slumbered here
As these visions did appear. 
And as I am an honest Puck,
Goodnight unto you all.

~My pelt is of a Dappled sort,
My eyes as green as leaves.
You honor me with all your heart
As my voice lifts my chior (choir) wings.
I look down upon you all,
You look back up to me.
My heart is full of separate sensations,
I am Honorchior 
I am Dappledleaf .

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Location : In between the relms if Harry Potter and the Warrior Cats. Yes, I am with the Wizard Cats.

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