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The Story of the Great Oak

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The Story of the Great Oak

Post by Honorchior on Tue Oct 06, 2015 7:14 pm

Here is another of my stories from when I was younger...

I was once an Acorn in a forest of Oaks. A little girl picked me up and took me home with her. I sat in her pocket for the rest of the day. Then, that night, her mother took me out of her pocket, and took me outside. She set me on the table. The next sunrise, the girl came outside to play. She saw me sitting on the table, and picked me up. She carried me over to some empty, soft ground. And planted me in the ground.
    As I grew, she took care of me, she would water the ground, bring in some food, my favorite was rotten orange peels. She would also make sure there was no harmful bugs on my leaves. If there were, she would pluck them off, so that they would not eat my leaves. She took all of the weeds away from me. I grew fast. In just 4 years, I was as tall has her! She continued to take care of me.
    Soon I was tall enough to give her some shade. But, for some reason, she left me. No one was there to keep the bugs away, or to give me some orange peel, or even to pick the bugs off my branches or water me. For many years, it was like this. Then, she returned. The little girl had grown up! She got married and had a kid, and lived in that house right over there, just like before.
    Her little kids played near me, watered me, and put a rope around one of my branches to swing on, because, by this point, I was 28 years, and big enough for them to swing on my branches. The kids went away, one by one, just like their mother. The mother would bring me orange peel though, and would water me, and took of the rope, for it was about to snap anyways.
    A while later, I was getting visits from the kids of the kids of the little girl. By this time I was 64 years, so they were able to build a treehouse in my branches! They made a ladder to climb up. All it was was a small platform with rails around the sides, so they would not fall, but to them, it was their secret hideout!
    The kids grew up, and my dear, little girl, died. But one of the eldest of her Grandchildren came and lived in the house over there where the little girl use to live. She too, had children, and they too, climbed up to the little platform in my branches. By then, I was 84 years old. They made the platform bigger, with walls and a sealing. It looked more like a house now! The tree house had 2 rooms. In one room, they built it as a playroom. They put some toys and benches, and some chairs too. In the next room over, there was some sleeping bags, for the summer nights when they were allowed to sleep in my branches with their cousins. You would be surprised how many could sleep in the tree house.
    Then, for some time, no one lived in the house that the little girl lived in. That was until i was 99 years old. A strange person who I was sure was not related to the little girl that had planted me in her yard, came and took down the tree house. He stayed in the house for around 6 years, and then he sold it to you, so you could make the big building.
    I am now 105 years old, I have been with so many people. You are about to destroy the house that the little girl had lived in, and her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Also the strange person who sold it to you. I know it is an old house. It is, after all, older than me. It has had much change from when the little girl was still little. Please do not chop me down, let me still be a place for elders to sit by, and relax. A place where squirrels can eat my Acorns, and a place where kids can come and play in my branches, and make treehouses, and swing on ropes tied to me. Allow me to continue to stand, until no one still needs me. Then, only then, chop me down. But as long as even 1 person or animal wants me or needs me, please, allow me to stand for all.

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Re: The Story of the Great Oak

Post by Daisyleap on Sat Oct 10, 2015 10:32 am

Awwww, this is such a cute story, Honor! Smile


"Sometimes bad things happen for no reason, or for reasons we can't begin to understand."


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