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Ebonystar and Swiftfoot's kits

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Ebonystar and Swiftfoot's kits

Post by Honorchior on Wed May 06, 2015 2:35 pm

Name: Cloudkit later Cloudwisps
Age : unborn
Gender : she kit
Clan : FallowClan
Appearance : A black long-hair she kit with wisps of white, dark brown, and dark blue. Her pads are soft and pink and her nose is light pink. She has dark blue eyes.
Personality : she is a shy little one who likes to hide, she is playful with other cats she knows,  and she likes to gaze at the moon. She has a great memory and she will be medicine cat apprentice. 
History : N/A
Skills: She will have a great memory good for being a medicine cat. She is secretly a good hunter and seeks her hunt into camp on more than one acation.
Mother: Ebonystar
Father: Swiftdew
Siblings: Zebrakit, ___kit, and ____kit

Name : Zebrakit later Zebrasnow
Age : unborn
Gender : she kit
Clan : FallowClan
Appearance : a black longhair cat with a pink nose and pads. And white stripes.
Personality : she is a kind cat that loves to play and is always thinking up new games to play.
History : N/A
Skills : she will be a great hunter and fighter with speed and stamina to spare but like her dad, hates water.
Mother: Ebonystar
Father: Swiftdew
Siblings: Cloudkit, ____kit, and ____kit

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Re: Ebonystar and Swiftfoot's kits

Post by Daisyleap on Sun May 17, 2015 11:51 am

What is Zebrakit's future warrior name? Also, have you checked the new "Auditions Process" page? I've made some changes to the way you have to set up an audition. And also, what is "acatiosn?" Is that supposed to say occasion, action, or what?

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