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Newtpaw, StreamClan

Post by Daisyleap on Sat Oct 10, 2015 6:48 pm

Newtpaw is a swift black-and-white tom with dull yellow eyes. Newtpaw's personality shines through in his appearance: paws too big for his body, wide yellow eyes, and too-long legs that send him tripping through his surroundings more often than not. his fur is short, but dense, with a sheen on it that helps the water roll right off every time he falls into a stream (which is, well, more often than he might care to admit). He's mostly black, with a large splash of white over his face, chest, and belly, as well as little drops of white on his paws. His too-long whiskers, as well as his eyes, often open wide in surprise or fear as he tumbles into the nearest tree or patch of brambles, give him an almost comical appearance. He's just starting to gain the muscle mass of a warrior, shedding the last of his kithood fat and replacing it with long, lean muscles instead. He has yet to acquire any scars or other notable markings. Constantly tripping over his own paws - or his own, or a root, or the fresh-kill pile, or his brother - there's no denying that Newtpaw is just about as clumsy as they come. There's just no escaping it - wherever he goes, he will fall down at least once. It makes both hunting practice and fighting practice very, very interesting, and it doesn't exactly lend itself to stealth, but Newtpaw's nevertheless learned how to use it to his advantage: more often than not, he plays it for laughs. He's not just good at falling down for comedy, though - Newtpaw is all-around goofy. Always ready with a corny joke or one-liner and a big, cheesy grin, whatever it takes to make someone else laugh or pick them up when they're down. It's definitely something he got from his dad, right along with his black-and-white coat. And more than just being a people-pleaser, Newtpaw is unwaveringly loyal to those he cares about - his friends, his family, and his Clan. (well. with a few exceptions, anyway.) He'll stand right by your side and support you in whatever way you need, even when the going gets tough and the tough get going. or, at least, he'll try his best - even if he can't quite succeed, it's the thought that counts, and by and large Newtpaw's thoughts are enormously loving; he doesn't really have a mean bone in his body, not even enough of one to crack too many jokes at other cats' expense. His family - especially his father and Goosepaw- mean the world to him, and he's not going to let anything happen to them without a fight, especially since he grew up watching what loss did to his father and having to help him cope with that from a very young age. All of this combines to give Newtpaw his very lovable personality; even his somewhat icy brother Goosepaw couldn't resist his big, warm, goofy heart for long, let alone any cat more vulnerable to his endearing mannerisms and adorably gawky looks. He gives as much love as he gets, and that means it's very easy for him to form tight, strong relationships - part of the reason his newly stitched together family is already as close-knit and tight as it is, and part of the reason his close bond with his father survived even through the death of his mother. Despite being such a cheerful jokester of a young tom, Newtpaw's life started out with a great tragedy. His mother, a sweet, gentle queen named Asteriarose, died while giving birth to her only kit. Her mate, Raccoonmask, was distraught and despondant; usually a bright, happy-go-lucky presence around camp, he spent day after day in the nursery, just staring at his tiny son as he suckled from the other nursing queens, a pale replacement for his mother. Until he was five moons old, Newtkit bounced around from queen to queen; the only real stability in his life of course came from his father, whose personality, once he began to accept his mate's death and move through his mourning process, rubbed off on his son-big time. When Newtkit was five moons old, though, something changed: his father took a new mate, a queen named Littlefern, who instantly became Newtkit's adopted mother. What's more, Littlefern's two kits, whose father had left them at a young age, became part of the family too. Of the two, Newtkit's instant favorite was Goosekit. Cloverkit was a little too devious for his tastes, but Goosekit seemed to be nothing but cool, and witty, and clever; Newtkit yearned deeply to be his friend. Goosekit wasn't nearly as interested in Newtkit, though - he cared more about trying to get it in good with their other peers, the ones who had already been named apprentices, and his goofy, clumsy brother wasn't exactly going to help him do that. Eventually, though, the three adopted siblings were named apprentices, their mother and father looking on proudly, and finally, finally, Newtpaw had his breakthrough with Goosepaw: they both realized exactly how sly and cunning Cloverpaw was, and exactly how often she was up to no good. Perhaps bonding over their dislike and distrust of their sister wasn't the most wholesome option,but it worked: They're much closer now, and Goosepaw will even grudgingly admit he likes Newtpaw, every once in a while. It's a start, anyway. Newtpaw's father, Raccoonmask, can be a little bit airheaded, and since his mother never got the chance to name her kit, Raccoonmask decided to call him Newtkit, because, well... he was all wet and slimy when he was born. like a newt. when Newtpaw asks, of course, Raccoonmask has a better story: a newt crawled through the nursery as he was being born, giving him his name.


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