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Cloversong of Fallowclan

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Cloversong of Fallowclan

Post by Blossomtail on Sun Oct 11, 2015 8:58 pm

Name~ Cloversong
Gender~ She
Age~ 24 moons
Preferred Rank~ Meddy cat? Razz
Clan~ Fallowclan

Appearance~ A short-furred grey she cat, black ears and tail, Amber-ish colored eyes.

Personality~  Cloversong is a sort of shy she. She is quite gentle, and doesn't like much attention. However, she will jump into action when need be. She is caring and sweet, but is highly impatient and worries too much! Cloversong has a long temper, and is a bit sensitive.

Skills~ Fighting 3, hunting 5, climbing 6, swimming 3, strength 4, stamina 7, speed, 6

Mother: Mouseheart
Father: Riverwind
Sibs: N/A

Cloversong wasn't the smallest of her den mates, but just plain and simply lacked the skills of a warrior. Always helping out in the nursery and medicine keeper's den, she decided to quit trying with her warriors training . . . She became the Meddy apprentice! She was happier this way, and felt that she could actually assist the clan this way. With no litter mates, she didn't have to worry about what they thought of her decision. However, her father disapproved with the path she had taken. He had wanted her to grow into a strong and successful warrior, he just didn't understand the way she felt. Clover constantly felt him on her back about it, but learned to ignore it. Soon, her time had come, and she was appointed the clan's medicine keeper.

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Re: Cloversong of Fallowclan

Post by Braveheart on Sun Oct 11, 2015 9:04 pm

This is great. As long as you RP frequently because of the kits coming in and out in FallowClan, she's accepted. I'll just figure something out with mine.
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