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Goosepounce Finished!

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Goosepounce Finished!

Post by vinepool on Mon Oct 12, 2015 8:24 pm

Name: Goosepounce

Age: 25 moons

Gender: Tom

Preferred Position: Warrior

Clan/Tribe: Streamclan

Alive Family: None

Deceased Family: Fernstream (Mother), Rockpad (Father), Smallkit (Sister), Beetlekit (Sister)

Description: A sandy pelt with a white chest and paws, Short-haired pelt, Small, but lean, Light green with hints of dark green

Goosepounce is a very loyal cat. He will stay loyal to his friends and to cats he doesn't know very well. He won't break the Warrior's code unless he has a very good reason for doing so. He is clever. He is almost always coming up with ideas or plans, some of them are good, some of them are bad. He is fair-minded. He thinks everything should be fair and equal. He hates seeing things unfair and uneven. He will go around making things even and fair, some cats don't like him because of this. He is very organized. He likes things a certain way and hates it when things are out of place or unorganized. He is kind. He tries to meet new cats and welcome them, he will try to make cats happy even if he's not feeling to happy himself.

Goosepounce is very stubborn. He thinks what he thinks is right, even if it isn't right, because of this he will not change his mind without a fight. He is judgmental. He takes small comments or remarks the wrong way and he will not be to fond of cats who break the Warrior's code for no reason. He is short-tempered. He has a short temper and if any cat annoys him just a little he will lash out and get very angry at the cat. He is easily jealous. When he sees a cat doing something he wants to do, like go hunting or something like that he will start acting mean and unkind to the cat. He holds grudges for a long time. When a cat does something he doesn't like or something that makes him angry he will hold a grudge on that cat for a long time.

Goospounce is timid. He won't talk to cats he doesn't know very well and gets nervous when cats he doesn't know start talking to him. He is calm. He is almost always calm even in the worst of times, he tries to calm other cats down to. He is ambitious. He will go for his dreams and will do anything to make them come true, but some of his dreams aren't very good. He is outspoken. He will tell his ideas and dreams to cats and he doesn't have many secrets because of this. He is proud. He is very proud of what he can do and will make a big deal when he does something he is proud of. He is unpredicatable. Most cats don't know what he is doing or what he is going to do next. He does some strange things.

Physical Ablities:
Great Hinter, Poor Fighter, Decent Tracker

Likes and Dislikes: Hanging out with friends in the sun, Making things fair and even, and Making cats happy, Seeing things that are unfair or uneven, Being alone, and Seeing cats sad or unhappy

History: Kithood: Goosepounce was born to two loving cats, he two sisters but both of them died just minutes after being born. His parents loved him and showered him with love and kindness even though he was small and timid. Goosepelt grew up with love and had never had any hardships in his life what so ever. But one thing that he hated about his parents was they were very protected of him, they never let him do anything he wanted to do like play moss-ball with the other kits. At the age of 6 moons he became a apprentice

Apprenticeship: As a kit he didn't have any hardships as a apprentice but he was given a strict, mean mentor. With his mentor he struggled to learn things and be a good cat. Because of his mentor he had to train a lot and work on moves outside of training. While he was training he never got to hang out with other cats so as a apprentice he didn't really make any friends. At the age of 13 moons he became a warrior.

Warriorship: As a warrior he got the name Goosepounce for being a a great hunter, this made him very upset because his name meant all the other cat's knew him for being a good hunter, that's it. After this he fell in to a funk and became sad and he didn't really do anything. Finally a cat cheered him up and they became friends, he learned from his best friends that it doesn't matter what other cats think of you it's what you think of yourself that really matters. Now he has been living happily and he has been working hard.

Accomplishments/Plans for the Future: Find a mate and be a father to kits

Extras: N/A

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Re: Goosepounce Finished!

Post by Daisyleap on Mon Oct 12, 2015 9:31 pm

I know this isn't finished, Vinepool, but I'd just like to inform you about the prefixes and suffixes situation. We don't use "pelt" as often, so I ask you to please change this. This list is a good help: List of Acceptable Prefixes and Suffixes on BTGF
Thank you! Pending~


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Re: Goosepounce Finished!

Post by vinepool on Tue Oct 13, 2015 7:11 pm

Thanks Very Happy  Finished and fixed

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Re: Goosepounce Finished!

Post by Honorchior on Tue Oct 13, 2015 8:21 pm

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Re: Goosepounce Finished!

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