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Batnose, Warrior of GustClan

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Batnose, Warrior of GustClan

Post by Braveheart on Wed Oct 14, 2015 9:16 pm

Name: Batnose ^^
Age: 36 moons
Gender: Male
Clan/Tribe: GustClan
Preferred Position: Warrior
Description: He is a lanky black tom with yellow eyes.
Physical Abilities (decided by rolls):
Strength~ 6 (excellent)
Speed~ 3 (okay)
Endurance~ 1 (poor)
Attack~ 5 (excellent)
Defense~ 4 (okay)
Tactics~ 2 (poor)
Personality: Apart from those few moments after he's dragged from his nest at the crack of dawn to train his apprentice, Batnose is practically always cheerful, rolling through life with a silly grin on his muzzle, his mouth always open to ramble about something or another. He thrives when he's surrounded by others and despises the dead silence of being alone. He's always thinking of something to do and comes up with the silliest games you could think of. The kits love him, and he usually gets distracted and ends up doing activities with his apprentice instead of actually training her. All in all, Batnose is the perfect guy to be with.
Alive Family:
Sister: Beartooth
Apprentice: Laurelpaw
Half-Brother: Olivethorn
Deceased Family:
Mother: Tinyfeather
Father: Redbelly
Sister: Poppyspots

Born to two GustClan cats by the names of Tinyfeather and Redbelly, Batnose was always playing around. You could see the clear sparkle in his mischevious little eyes right when he was born deep in the midst of the medicine den in leaf-bare. His sister Poppykit only lived to her first word before she died of the cold and lack of prey; Poppyspots. Batnose always assumed that was what she wanted to be her warrior name, but she never lived up to it. Batkit would always be playing around with his father Redbelly, making up silly games and chasing each others tails. His mother, Tinyfeather, was secretly mating with another rogue tom by the name of Oliver. She gave birth to one more kit, and the evil tom forced her to name him after himself. Olivekit was nursed by a foster queen when Tinyfeather died of Purplefever a few moons after giving birth, and Olivekit was only 3 moons old. Eventually, Batkit and Olivekit got along and became apprentices together, training side by side. Olivekit's mentor, Greywhisker, had took him on a tour of the Thunderpath with Batpaw since his mentor was sick, and got severely injured by a monster. The cruel Breezestar changed his name to Crushedlegs ever since, and he now lives as an elder, respected by the Clan and being slowly called Greywhisker again. After his mentor was cured, Batpaw had trained hard to prove himself to his father that he wasn't all fun and games, but eventually Pebbleheart had died and she watched him from GalaxyClan ever since. Batpaw was made a warrior early, making his half-brother extremely jealous. But over time Olivepaw was made a warrior too, and they sleep together in the warriors den now, hoping for their apprentices to come to them soon as well.

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Re: Batnose, Warrior of GustClan

Post by Daisyleap on Thu Oct 15, 2015 4:16 pm


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