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Post by Twistedheart on Fri Oct 16, 2015 10:04 pm

Name: Runesky
Age: 23 moons
Gender: Female
Preferred Position: Medicine Cat
Clan/Tribe: FireClan
Alive Family:
Sister: Shadowheart [open]
Apprentice: Melodypaw
Deceased Family:
Mother: Peachnose
Father: Redstreak
Brothers: Seagullflight and Aukletwing
Sister: Copperflame
Appearance: She has deep gray fur and lighter tabby markings on her tail, paws, and flank. Her two eyes she calls gems are a bright brownish-amber shading, with natural ruby outlines.
Personality: This medicine keeper is brave, friendly and strong. She has a very outgoing personality and a knack of trouble because of her adventurous and outgoing spirit. Also, don't underestimate her looks, she maybe delicate on the outside, but she is very tough and isn't very easily hurt. She has a leader's spirit, even though she does break the rules once in a while, but she is a very great medicine keeper and when she was a kit she would do anything to take the role of pretending to heal in a silly kits game with magical powers. She is very friendly and loves to go on adventures, but hates to see a cat hurt, but still devotes her life to being the best medicine keeper FireClan has ever had. She can be serious when needed, but it is very rare.
Physical Abilities: 
Strength~ 2 (poor)
Speed~ 4 (excellent)
Endurance~ 3 (okay)
Attack~ 1 (poor)
Defense~ 5 (excellent)
Tactics~ 6 (excellent)
History: Runesky was born into the Clan to a loving mother, with two sisters and two brothers. She was as cared for as any kit could be, but her mother didn't live to see her become an apprentice. She went out to hunt one day, and was captured by a Twoleg, and never seen again. Her father had died in battle before she was born.
Her sister Copperflame, after the death of her mother, fled the Clan and went to be a kittypet, a softer life. But, she had picked the wrong Twoleg and was abused until she finally died of starvation. Her brothers were killed in the river, thinking that they'd be able to make it across before they were taught to swim, and was swept away.


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Re: Runesky

Post by Braveheart on Mon Oct 19, 2015 3:49 pm


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