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Flameheart, Deputy of FireClan

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Flameheart, Deputy of FireClan

Post by Braveheart on Sat Oct 17, 2015 9:41 pm

Name: Flameheart
Age: 36 moons
Gender: Tom-cat
Clan/Tribe: FireClan
Preferred Position: Deputy
Alive Family:
All presumably dead except Fernstar, his beloved half-sister.
Deceased Family:
Mother: Spottedthorn
Father: Ashmark
Foster Mother: Birdfeather
Brother: Sootspirit
Sister: Heatherwing
Half-Brother: Stonedust
Description: A flame-tinted tom with amber eyes and a long, fluffy tail with a white tailtip and unusual curled black claws.
Personality: “Fight with your head, not your claws.”
Flameheart is a cat who devotes a lot of his time to thought and meditation, he firmly believes that being a warrior is not just about fighting and muscle but about intelligence and wits. He dedicates effort to figure out patterns and behavior, he thinks that if you figure out the core of a cat you can find reason to their actions and even predict them. Even if he considers himself a thinker he can still hold himself in a fight, whereas he might seem distracted while in the struggle truth is he’s just trying to learn about the fighting style of his opponent and how exactly it works, he likes to prolong fights as much as possible since he loves to study different fighting moves he wouldn’t normally face, whenever in combat he seem fascinated and distracted often asking questions between blows to the annoyance of his opponents. Most likely because of his way of thinking other (in his words ‘brute and crude’) clanmates tend to perceive him as weak. 

“You know… every morning is the same as the previous one.”
Flameheart is an early riser, often the first one to wake up, thanks to this he’s very knowledgeable about the system his Clan works on in the mornings and often muses himself in the way cats fall into habit. Flameheart has an abnormally good memory, he can remember everything he’s done, heard, seen, and said in his entire life, not only that but he can remember every detail.

“I believe we could solve this… in a calm and civilized way.”
Of calm nature it is rare for him to boil with fury and even if he did this tom would never show his anger preferring to fume alone rather than cause a ruckus or a scene. He has a strange conflict with emotions; he doesn’t like to feel because it clouds his judgment but at the same time he can’t help it so Flameheart has the bad impulse of suppressing emotions, coming off as apathetic and insensible to most. He’s awkward when it comes to affection and shies away from licks and hugs, a nod and perhaps a touch with the tail is as far as he goes. He doesn’t like kits since they’re rowdy and in the first months troublesome, he prefers to stick with the elders or warriors for company. 
Physical Abilities:
Strength~ 6 (excellent)
Speed~ 5 (excellent)
Endurance~ 1 (poor)
Attack~ 4 (excellent)
Defense~ 3 (okay)
Tactics~ 2 (poor)
HistorY: Some say Flameheart’s distaste for emotions comes from the lack of love he had when in kithood, others whisper about some abnormality on his head and some simply say that’s the way the tom is. But, as the orange cat says, to find the core of a cat you must analyze their behavior and find a reason for that particular way of acting. So lets start from the beginning, yes?
Flameheart was born in a litter of three; he was the middle-born and the oddest of his littermates. You see they were born to a young queen who had made a mistake; they were the product of fling and nothing more, they were nothing to their parents but a burden to carry and they never missed the opportunity to remind them of that. The elders and not the couple picked their names for how could they be bothered with such nonsense? Sootkit, Flamekit, and Heatherkit grew up as no one’s kits. The three responded to the lack of maternal love in a different way: Heatherkit, the only she-cat, turned shy, making an effort to remain invisible believing to be unworthy of love and attention; Flamekit closed himself off to emotion and lavished in the ways of logic and sense finding a refuge in thought and meditation; Sootkit, the youngest, grew loud and attention hungry, doing all kinds of tricks just to get eyes on him often getting himself into trouble just to get scolded. These traits followed them into apprenticehood, Heatherpaw being the quietest, Flamepaw being the happy middle, and Sootpaw being the loudest. They were given mentors and like any other Clan cat trained in the ways of fighting (or thinking, in Flamepaw’s case), the warrior code and, most importantly, loyalty. They always ignored their parents and it didn’t change in this period of their lives, their bonds as littermates grew strong and they always found strength amongst their odd ways. Heatherpaw was the best hunter making her ability to remain quiet and to run at unimaginable speeds quite useful when stalking and catching prey, Flamepaw was always the middle, being good at both hunting and fighting but never really excelling at any of them, and Sootpaw, not surprisingly, was a natural born fighter. Their apprenticehood was uneventful and, to be honest, pretty average. t the age of thirteen moons they were granted their warrior names in front of GalaxyClan: Heatherwing, after the color of her pelt and a white bird that flew across the sky during the ceremony, Flameheart, because when you least expected it he could come up with the most brilliants of strikes and he had quite the heart, and Sootspirit, after his excellent battling skills for trying his hardest in battling off a StreamClan warrior from hurting a Clanmate, even though they were killed. They quietly made their vigil and were happy to call each other by their new name the next morning. Since then the three have led a normal life (except for the fact that they bluntly ignore their parents) and are proud to call themselves FireClan warriors.

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