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Trufflepaw of HickoryClan

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Trufflepaw of HickoryClan

Post by Braveheart on Sun Nov 15, 2015 11:14 am

Name: Trufflekit ~ Trufflepaw ~ Trufflestrike ~ Trufflestar
Age: 6 moons
Gender: tom
Clan/Tribe: HickoryClan
Alive Family:
Father: Breezefang (alive, open)
Mother: Mistfire (alive, open)
Sister: Tinypaw (alive, open)
Brother: Hazepaw (alive, open)
Best Friend: Bumblepaw (alive, open, later Bumbletoes)
Deceased Family:
Brother: Ratkit
Crush: Cloverpaw (was going to be Cloverstrike)
Description: A scrawny black tom with yellow eyes.
Physical Abilities: 
Strength~ 2 (poor)
Speed~ 3 (okay)
Endurance~ 6 (excellent)
Attack~ 5 (excellent)
Defense~ 4 (okay)
Tactics~ 1 (poor)
Personality: Trufflepaw is shy, and he never got the courage to come up to his crush, Cloverpaw. When Cloverpaw was the first victim of Bloodshine's first attack, he was so sad that he refrained from talking for a while, but he knows that she watches over him from GalaxyClan now. He is rather clumsy, and you'll almost always see him stumbling over pebbles and sticks across camp, or knocking over the prey heap. He is quite forgetful as well; you tell him to do something, he'll zone off into his daydreams and forget all about it and end up doing doing the complete opposite of it. Ever since he lost his brother, Ratkit, he has dedicated his life to live up to fullest, even though sometimes he will turn into quite the bad kitty. He's on the brink of the next step to becoming courageous and fearless.
Plans & Accomplishments for the Future: If he possibly survives when he soon becomes a warrior, he will take over HickoryClan and convince rogues, loners, and kittypets to join so he can recreate his Clan and prove his family and friends wrong up in GalaxyClan.
He was born as the biggest kit of his litter, while his brother Ratkit was the smallest. When Ratkit was murdered by the horrors of leaf-bare, Trufflekit knew that he was the stronger one. He learned that he was capable. A few moons later, his younger brother and sister were born: Tinypaw and Hazepaw. They introduced Trufflepaw to Bumblepaw in the first place when they joined him at apprentice age! After being his crush and almost best friend, when Cloverpaw was killd by Bloodshine, Trufflepaw swore revenge on the bloodthirsty red she-cat. When he was all alone at midnight stargazing, Bloodshine came out behind his back and tried to slaughter him, but he whipped around and smacked her upside the head. He left a good scar on her nose that is still there today, but he regrets it ever since. Although, he has been starting to get into more fights, so she might have influenced him that one night. Trufflepaw now lives as a peaceful apprentice with no mentor yet.

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