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Kits: Puffinkit, Sunkit, Quailkit, Snailkit, Palekit, and Beekit

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Kits: Puffinkit, Sunkit, Quailkit, Snailkit, Palekit, and Beekit

Post by tinkerbell on Wed Nov 18, 2015 6:11 pm

Name: Puffinkit ~ Puffinpaw ~ Puffinsong
Age: 4 moons
Gender: female, she-kit
Birth Moon: The Wolf Moon, 2011
Rank: kitten
Allegiance: FrostClan
Appearance: A black she-kit with emerald green eyes.
Personality: Almost the exact opposite as her brother, she's sweet as sugar but has a tart side as well, just as how Beekit will sometimes show sweetness. She's hardworking and very determined to become the best warrior she can as well as try to put her slight knowledge of herbs to use when possible.
Family/History: Daughter of Sorrelflight (mother) and Aspenshade (father), and the sister of Beekit (brother).
Reason for Name: Puffin is for her soft black coat in resemblance of a puffin, a waterfowl found by the sea, and her warrior suffix song will be for her soothing and relaxing voice, as well as the inability to shut up.

Name: Sunkit ~ Sunpaw ~ Sunchaser
Age: 3 moons
Gender: male, tom-kit
Birth Moon: The Snow Moon, 2012
Rank: kitten
Allegiance: RobinClan
Appearance: a flame-tinted tom-kit with long whiskers and hard to groom fur, as well as relaxing emerald green eyes.
Personality: Much like his father, Sunkit inherited the level-head and strong sense of responsibility and justice that Skyfeather possessed. He's very strong-minded and strong-hearted, who will make a fantastic warrior who views each cat equally.
Family/History: Son of Roseheart (mother) and Skyfeather (father).
Reason for Name: Sun is for his blazing orange coat and the warrior suffix of chaser will be for his wild mind and strong heart, as well as the tendency to daydream into the clouds and sun and moon.

Name: Quailkit ~ Quailpaw ~ Quailsong
Age: 4 moons
Gender: female, she-kit
Birth Moon: The Flower Moon, 2011
Rank: kitten
Allegiance: CloudClan
Appearance: A grey she-cat with brilliant green eyes.
Personality: Very high and mighty, she often looks down on those around her. She does have a soft side but never shows it except to her parents and fellow kits. She is a great warrior despite this, but many find her very annoying due to her over-confident attitude.
Family/History: Daughter to Reedfrost (mother) and Wildflight (father).
Reason for Name: Quail for her resemblance to this songbird, and the warrior suffix of song for her soothing voice that resembles the chirping song of a bird, preferably a quail.

Name: Snailkit ~ Snailpaw ~ Snailshell
Age: 4 moons
Gender: female, she-kit
Birth Moon: The Strawberry Moon, 2011
Allegiance: SnowClan
Position: kitten
Appearance: A beige and cocoa she-kit with short whiskers and a long tail, as well as brilliant amber-yellow eyes to top it all off. She has a disorder that makes her seem to always be smiling, even in the darkest times.
Personality: Shy but sweet, she finds fighting difficult as she doesn't like harming others, no matter the reason. She's quiet and is both the smallest and weakest of her littermates, who are all deceased now, but she has the best memory and thinks the clearest, countering their weaknesses easily.
Family/History: Daughter to Runewinter (mother) and Copperwing (father), and sister to Rowankit (sister) and Lionpaw (brother), who all died of a much more serious disorder at birth.
Reason for Name: Snail for her slow reflexes and color resemblance to the creature. Her warrior suffix of shell will be for her shy self, never being able to break out of her "shell".

Name: Palekit ~ Palepaw ~ Palewish ~ Palestar
Age: 3 moons
Gender: male, tom-kit
Birth Moon: The Buck Moon, 2012
Position: kitten
Clan/Tribe: CloudClan
Appearance: A light ginger tom with brilliant blue eyes.
Personality: Mostly neutral about most things,he doesn't really show much emotion. Palekit doesn't care for conflict and will try to avoid it whenever possible. Despite this he's a very skilled fighter who will serve as a difficult opponent.
Family/History: Son of Silverfrost (mother) and Thorntail (father), and brother to Bramblestorm (older brother)
Reason for Name: Really explains itself, his pale coat gave him his not-very-creative name and the warrior suffix of wish is for his neutral personality about everything, which really will explain "Palewish".

Name: Beekit ~ Beepaw ~ Beeshade/fire/flight????
Age: 4 moons
Gender: male, tom-kit
Birth Moon: The Sturgeon Moon, 2011
Position: kitten
Clan/Tribe: FrostClan
Appearance: A blazing orange tom-kit with darker flame-tinted stripes and white mittens, as well as a short, almost bobtail with strange ears that seem to have another pair behind his actual ones, and handsome green eyes to top it all off.
Personality: Beekit is a sharp-tongued tom-kit with a ton of sass. He can be very clever and challenging at times to other cats, but is always as polite as possible to his family and will be to his future mentor. Despite his somewhat unfriendly demeanor, he is actually very enthusiastic about his later medicine cat work and can't wait to serve his Clan some day.
Family/History: Son of Sorrelflight (mother) and Aspenshade (father), and the brother of Puffinkit (sister).
Reason for Name: His mother saw his pale, striped orange fur and was reminded of bees, therefore naming him the gorgeous "Beekit". An accident in his later life will cause him to change his name to something more awful and devastating than the embarrassing Bee-, and he might be rewarded the suffix of -ears for his unusual set of ears.

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Re: Kits: Puffinkit, Sunkit, Quailkit, Snailkit, Palekit, and Beekit

Post by Daisyleap on Fri Nov 20, 2015 3:18 pm

Fuzzy Rainbows
oh my god beekit's ears ^^


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