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Scorchkit and Birchkit of FallowClan

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Scorchkit and Birchkit of FallowClan

Post by Braveheart on Sun Nov 22, 2015 8:13 pm

Scorchkit // Scorchpaw // Scorchflight
5 moons
Gender: tom-cat
Position: kit
Clan/Tribe: fallowclan
Appearance: a white tomcat with a flame-tinted overcoat and a black tail that look like patterns of swirls were engraved into it.
Personality: Scorchkit is a clever, smart, loyal, respectful and fun-loving tom. He's always fun to hang around with when you are a clueless kit, for Scorchkit knows many things. He's very loyal to his clan and littermates and will always be respectful. He's not the quit playful type and can be worried at times. He enjoys anything that involves thinking mentally and nothing physical. He loves Oasiskit the best for her humour and Hawkkit the best for her playfulness. He loves Autumndapple more because she is overprotective of him, unlike his father Dryheart, hence his name. He is not interested in anyone yet and doesn't plan to have a mate or kits in the future.
Physical Abilities:

Hunting7/10> Scorchkit can hunt well, although he gets afraid that there might be a badger that was trying to take that prey.

Fighting5/10> Scorchkit isn't the fighting type , he can fight with some battle-moves, but not amazing ones. Anyways, he would never want to be caught in a battle, although he could use his cleverness for battles, but he would be to worried for that.

stamina9/10> Scorchkit is very good at stamina, he's a very clever and smart tom.

Swimming1/10>  Doesn't even know how to swim. 

HerbSkills2/10> Eh, he knows a couple of herbs from his knowledge. 

MemorySkills4/10> He can remember many things like a common cat. 

Running6/10>  Scorchkit can run fine, it's nothing amazing.

Climbing1/10> Scorchkit would never climb up anything high, for he has a great fear of heights. 

Agility4/10> Normal at agility like any other average cat.

Scent4/10> Average scent of cat.

Hearing4/10> Average hearing of cat.

Future abilities of hunting, leaping, maybe running more proficiently.

Family: son of Dryheart and Autumndapple, brother to Oasiskit, Birchkit, and Fogkit. his deceased brother is Sandstorm and his deceased sister is Morningstripe.
Likes and Dislikes:

  • Thinking

  • Brain games
  • Learning

  • Running
  • Jumping

  • Squirrels
  • Warm, soft sand


  • Heights

  • Battles

  • Bullies

  • Playfighting

  • Swimming

  • Mentors

  • Climbing

  • Storms

Accomplishments for the Future: Being able to get over his fear of heights and to fight better and to stand up to mean cats.
History: N/A
Notes: an interesting incident in the future will cause him to become blind in the right eye and lose his left hind leg.

Birchkit // Birchpaw // Birchfrost
5 moons
Gender: tom-cat
Position: kit
Clan/Tribe: fallowclan
Appearance: a perfectly white tomcat with a black slash on his forehead and a long, thin cocoa brown tail. his eyes are always at a strange angle that makes it look like he's always worried. queens love to squeeze his cheeks because he's so cute.
Personality: Birchkit's name describes him fully. He is very blunt and aggressive, but, of course, like all kits, he has a sweet and fun side. He is not the one to start a game of "rabbit" or begin a tossing of mossballs or a playfight, but he will rather join in if he chooses to. He may look cute, but don't underestimate him! His tongue is sharper than his claws. His favorite game is something that involves scooping stuff up since he admires swimming, unlike his other family members.
Physical Abilities:
Strength~ 4 (okay)
Speed~ 6 (fantastic, top of the line)
Endurance~ 3 (okay)
Attack~ 5 (excellent)
Defense~ 1 (poor)
Tactics~ 2 (poor)
Family: son of dryheart and autumndapple, brother to oasiskit, hawkkit, fogkit, and scorchkit. his deceased brother is sandstorm and his deceased sister is morningstripe.
History: N/A
Notes: N/A he's perfect baby mwah mwah

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