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Feather on Robins Chest, Silver Phantoms

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Feather on Robins Chest, Silver Phantoms

Post by Vlaydo Playdo on Thu Nov 26, 2015 2:24 pm

Name~ Feather on Robin's Chest
Age~ 18 moons
Gender~ male
Preferred Position~ Prey-Hunter
Clan/Tribe~ Silver Phantoms
Alive Family~
Mother ;; Petal of Wilting Rose
Father ;; Fire that Dances through Night
Sister ;; Sun that Blisters Eyes
Mate ;; Bird that Rides the Wind
Kit ;; Jagged Rock where Heron Perches
Kit ;; Pebble that Skips Across Water
Deceased Family~
Brother ;; Screech of Angry Owl
Mate ;; Orange Sky Before Sunset
Kit ;; Rock Beneath Still Water
Kit ;; Swallow that Nests in Tree
Description~ A dark brown-furred tom with yellow-orange eyes.
Personality~ that lovable flirty guy
Physical Abilities~ Poor fighting abilities but has a great sense of smell and track down any type of prey at any time. He can swim alright, but he just prefers not to do it - he clearly dislikes it. He is a tad slow and sometimes can't rig his mind right to remember something important, but otherwise he is quite strong and has a lot of stamina to spare; he may be a tad slow but he can keep running for a while, for example.
History~ Born at the foot of a robin tree, a feather from that specific bird fluttered down and landed on his chest as he suckled on his mother and elbowed his brother and sister out of the way. This inspired Petal of Wilting Rose to name him Feather on Robin's Chest. When an owl screeched in the distance, it reminded her of her kit that had squealed louder than a frog croaking and a cricket chirping in harmony at night, who had died from a malfunction during the birth, so before he was sent into the heavens above, she named him Screech of Angry Owl, and she mourned for him for a long time, so for a while Robin's sister was unnamed until his father finally took over and named her Sun that Blisters Eyes for her mischievous and already feisty personality. Soon after, Robin was appointed as the to-be of Orange Sky before Sunset, a beautiful and young prey-hunter. Robin was instantly in love. He trained harder than he ever could've before and when he finally became a prey-hunter, he proposed to her. She rejected him, and soon after, almost as if it was fate, she was killed by a mountain lion while out on a hunt alone. He was quite devastated for a while until another she-cat fell in love with him. He reluctantly agreed but sooner or later he did finally fall for her. They had two kits but, like Robin's brother, something went wrong in the birth and they malfunctioned and died quicker than a horse galloping from an attacker. They mourned for many moons and then finally had another litter and they were both healthy and happy. They are now two to-be's, a prey-hunter like their father and a cave-guard like their mother.
Plans and Accomplishments for the Future~ He will become the Healer of the Tribe for only a few moons, but when he becomes deaf he becomes useless and doesn't hear a dog behind him, so he dies and has his to-be take over.
Notes~ He will become deaf in the future.
Roleplay Sample~ i'll add it on eventually Razz

"If wishes were prey, we'd feast like lions come leafbare. But we'd die of boredom. You know that's not what the life of the Clans is like. The warrior code guides us through the dark times, the cold, and the hunger. And the good times seem all the greater for it."
Vlaydo Playdo
Audition Instructor
Audition Instructor

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Re: Feather on Robins Chest, Silver Phantoms

Post by Braveheart on Fri Nov 27, 2015 3:17 pm

perfect, vlaydo >w<
just remember to pm dais so she can add him to the who's who list~

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Tech Support

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