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Mother Nature

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Mother Nature

Post by Mother Nature on Thu Dec 03, 2015 6:33 pm

Here on Blazing Tails of Grief and Fortune, we have the lovely Mother Nature account. She controls all of the elements of the warriors' lives that are out of their control: predators and prey, weather systems, cataclysmic events, and injuries. She can do whatever she wants to keep the roleplay going: fifteen butterflies flying around the nursery or... a mountain lion attack. Mother Nature provides a special service here on BTGF: she can carry out special, site-wide effects to members who sign up. Basically, she acts as the hand of fate. Mother Nature will often start a topic, most commonly border/hunting patrols and Gatherings, giving an update on who is attending in the event. If she decides to post a random thing like a suspicious Twoleg invasion on parts of FrostClan territory, you can post and respond to that if you would like to join: it's not required! If she posts a random event and you join, however, you cannot leave and will have to put up with whatever Mother Nature has in store. This is important to understand: what happens in this thread lasts forever across the entire site. It can't be ignored or downplayed. What mother nature says has happened, has happened. Let that be a warning to you.

> Remember: This is for real! You might not like what happens to your kitty kat, but once you sign up you've got to accept what's been dished out.
There are three levels of mother nature's effects. at level one, warriors may suffer (but are not limited to):
> Minor or significant injuries
> (If the character is a leader) Loss of one life
> Partially dangerous predator getting loose in a Clan's camp
> Loss of leader's trust 
> Extra duties for a month 
> Being removed from patrols
> (If the character is an apprentice) Having their ceremony pushed back one moon

At level two, they become more severe. they include (but are not limited to):
> Loss of a non-played significant other
> (If she is pregnant) Loss of litter
> Very serious injury requiring long recovery 
> Broken bones 
> (If the character is a leader) Loss of two or three lives at once
> Forced retirement to the elder's den 
> (If a character is in a cross-clan relationship) Having that relationship become known
> Being run out of their clan

Level three only has one outcome: death. Level three is not for the faint of heart, and should also not be used just as a throwaway measure. If you sign up for level three, your poor kitty kat must keep his eyes open because a hawk could come swooping down and pierce its talons into your throat, or you can walk straight off a cliff. All levels are almost like a Nintendo game, where you have to do certain things to win and not die. Mother Nature can also choose cats for a new prophecy, omen, or plot/mini-plot.

Example Code wrote:I, Daisyleap, would like Daisystar of CloudClan to participate in Level One. I understand the outcomes of this level and know that I cannot back out once having signed up.

Mother Nature is also a force of nature here on Blazing Tails of Grief and Fortune. She sets the scene for patrols, lets wild animals loose in threads, and on occasion she can also act as judge, jury and executioner. By this, we mean that she can be used to get rid of any cats you don't feel like playing anymore, or who you feel have played out their narrative arc and are now free to go play in the wild yonder of GalaxyClan. If you'd like to release your kitty kat forever (and I mean forever!) into Mother Nature's hands, use the code below.
* By releasing your cats to Mother Nature, you also give permission to use your deceased cats' names in future plot posts, such as referencing them in lists of war casualties.
* By releasing your cats to Mother Nature, you also give permission for her to pick any way to carry out your cats death wish, whether it be a brutal badger attack or just an accident of tripping and cracking your head open on a sharp rock.
* Mother Nature will never, however, actually roleplay as your cat.

Example Code wrote:I, Daisyleap, would like to release Koikit of FallowClan into Mother Nature's hands. I understand that she might be referenced later on and I cannot take her back.

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Mother Nature

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