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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Post by Mother Nature on Sat Dec 05, 2015 2:40 pm

patrol one.
emberlily, played by daisy
droppaw, played by honorchior
newtpaw, played by daisy
lotuspaw, played by braveheart
oceanpaw, played by twistedheart
falconwave, played by honorchior
rocksteps, played by honorchior
flamewhiskers, played by honorchior
ivorypaw, played by honorchior

as of a few nights ago, shadedapple, ravenclaw, and fernclouds hunt has gone wrong. ferncloud was close to sinking into a deep, moist bog. shadedapple saved her just in time, while ravenclaw got stuck in another one as well. shadedapple has saved them both, and she is currently trying to treat their wounds from the bog. will the search patrol find them in time?

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Re: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Post by Braveheart on Sun Dec 06, 2015 10:30 am

Lotuspaw was thrumming with energy from ears to bright white toes. She had been waiting for this patrol to run all day and she absolutely couldn't keep it inside her any longer. Hopping up almost immediately behind Oceanpaw, who had leapt to her paws the moment Emberlily's grand form appeared in silhouette in the entranceway, Lotuspaw realized just how energetic and excited both apprentices seemed. Were they supposed to be more regal and composed? Was that how patrols were supposed to be?
Lotuspaw was already into the latter half of her apprenticeship and had yet to be assigned to a patrol until now, but she saw it as a sign that her mentor, the great Riversteps himself, had placed her onto this one with the others so she wouldn't just go on herb-gathering trips alone. Lotuspaw assumed it was to check her progress, see how she was going. The thought terrified her, and she began to get the shakes. Sitting on her paws and setting herself heavily seemed to help a little, but she still felt the jitters in her heart and her impatiently flickering tail.
"Hey, Oceanpaw," Lotuspaw muttered under her breath, sitting beside her smaller but fluffier friend. The two had known each other for many moons, even before Oceanpaw and Lotuspaw became apprentices, and so to go on a patrol together would be a fun adventure for sure. But Lotuspaw was afraid of messing up, and knowing that Oceanpaw - a talented and ambitious she-KITTY KAT who idolized Emberlily just like he did - was going to be there made him all the more afraid of looking worse by comparison.

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Re: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Post by Honorchior on Fri Mar 18, 2016 12:28 am

Ivorypaw was bored. No, bored wasn't just the half of it. She had expected this patrol to be more like a mission than a patrol, but here it was, just like a ordinary patrol, and it was B-O-R-I-N-G! She tried conversation with Lotuspaw, but she was too busy in her thoughts. She would talk to Droppaw but just a few minutes ago she had acted like a kit. Droppaw was waaaayyyy too childish and Ivorypaw didn't wish to be near her when she was acting like a baby. After all, she chose at a young age that she was NOT going to be a babysitter apprentice or warrior or even elder.


'Ivorypaw is sooooooooooooo serious! She can't even take my joke! I was just trying to have some fun!' Thought Droppaw. Droppaw was eager to prove herself to be good enough to become a warrior. Her mom didn't understand. She would just have to show her. She turned her attention to Lotuspaw, who was obviously deep in thought. 'Why is she even comming?' Droppaw thought. 'She is a medicine cat and she needs to be at camp! She isn't a warrior! She needs to be gathering herbs, not sniffing out missing cats. What, is she trying to say she is better than us. Does she think she can be the Medicine cat and a warrior?!'

OOC: Please hurry posting!

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Re: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Post by Sponsored content

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