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Sootfang of FireClan

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Sootfang of FireClan

Post by Braveheart on Sat Dec 19, 2015 12:21 pm

Sooty // Sootpaw // Sootfang
30 moons
Position: warrior
Clan: FireClan
Appearance: A sleek, muscular black cat with streaks of cocoa brown and long whiskers to top off bright yellow-amber eyes.
Personality: He is generally very loud, and has a bad habit of voicing his opinion much too often. Despite the flaws of that, he is trustworthy and and believes that he should do the right thing. He has a high respect for the leader, deputy, and medicine cats, although he is the flirt towards she-cats, always.
Physical Abilities: out of 10~
fighting 8, running 6, hunting 4, climbing 3, swimming 2, strength 4, stamina 7, memory 9.
father~ unknown
mother~ unknown
siblings and/or littermates~ they all live too far away as kittypets and loners for him to get in contact with them
mate~ brindleflight
He was a former kittypet and loner. He was named Sooty for his black pelt, but his humans soon left him as a kit, so he learned to hunt by himself, although it wasn't very good. He wandered onto FireClan territory one day, and, after testing his skills, they let him in and made him an apprentice. Shortly after, because of a lack of warriors in the Clan, he was made a warrior and sat for his silent vigil, and he met a she-cat that was also a new warrior named Brindleflight. They became mates shortly after the next morning, and ever since he was abandoned he's had a strong dislike for kits since they remind him of when he was left as a kit by his Twolegs.

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