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Silkflame of Gustclan

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Silkflame of Gustclan

Post by Leopard on Sat Jan 02, 2016 8:44 am

Name: Silkkit Silkpaw Silkflame
Age: 45 moons
Gender: female
Preferred position: Warrior
Clan/tribe: Gustclan
Alive Family: NaN
Deceased Family:
Mother - Silverflank, died by getting hit by a monster when she was hunting
Father - Wetglare, died of bloodcough
Littermates - Coldkit, died at birth, Shiningkit, died at birth
Description: Silkflame is a tortoiseshell KITTY KAT. She has a black tail and is blind in one eye. Her blind eye is a deep blue, and her good eye is a stunning green. Silkflame has long fur around her ears.

Physical Abilities: Silkflame is a bad hunter, but is a great fighter, with a stocky build. She has very sharp teeth and claws. She is very fast. Silkflame is a bad tracker, and she has trouble hunting and finding other cats.
Personality: Silkflame is a battle-loving KITTY KAT who will jump into fights at the very chance. If there is no reason, though, then Silkflame will not fight, because she believes that everything should be fair. She is bossy most of the time, and she never teases or plays around. She is very serious. She is loyal to Breezestar.
Likes and Dislikes: Silkflame loves fighting, but hates to hunt. Hunting makes her feel sick, like she is eating yarrow. Fighting, though, makes her feel powerful and respected. She fringes at the sight of lakes, but is fine with rivers.
History: Silkflame as a kit was never playful, but cruel and nasty to the other kits. She was an only kit, because her siblings, Coldkit and Shiningkit, died at birth. She was strong and fast, but never used her skill in games. Silkflame only used it to torment the other kits behind her parent's back. She hated her parents, very much. She thought that they were trying to make her feel unhappy. When her father died from Bloodcough, she was happy, and loved seeing her mother Silverflank grieve. She was finally apprenticed, and was a rotten show-off. She would taunt the other apprentices, saying that they were too slow and clumsy. Silkflame went into battle for first time, and she loved it more than anything. She longed to stay and fight, but was sent back by her mentor because it was getting big. After the battle, she became a warrior. Her vigil was silent, except for a kit who tried to sneak out of camp. Silkflame killed the kit, and blamed it on the kit eating a deathberry. Soon after, Silverflank died from a monster. Silkflame rejoiced silently and pretended to be distressed.
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Re: Silkflame of Gustclan

Post by Honorchior on Sun Jan 03, 2016 3:24 pm

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