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Fallingpaw of GustClan

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Fallingpaw of GustClan

Post by Fallingmoon on Tue Jan 12, 2016 6:34 pm

Name: Fallingkit - Fallingpaw - Fallingmoon
Age: 10 Moons
Gender: She-cat
Preferred Position: Medicine Cat Apprentice
Clan/Tribe: GustClan
Alive Family: 
Mother: Defiancerain
Father: Tigerfang
Deceased Family: 
Brother: Batpaw - A disused fox den collapsed while he was hunting a rabbit in there.


Fallingpaw is a small, sleek she-cat with piercing amber eyes and a semilonghair pelt. Her pelt is a dirty white color with ginger stretching over her back and striping at her tail and down her legs and face - although the white stays on all four of her paws and her muzzle and chest area.

Physical Abilities:

Skills: Because of her size, she can slip into places where most would not fit, and can scavenge and hunt well too. 
Weaknesses: While she is swift, she cannot fight well, and often has to rely on her slim body to try and defend herself in training.


+ She's confident and brave.  
- Fallingpaw is unfortunately quite stubborn and often doesn't follow direct orders. 
= She will listen well to orders when the time comes.  

Likes and Dislikes: 

Likes: Hanging out with others and looking out for them. 
Dislikes: Being alone and feeling neglected - she often feels pushed away when this happens and will not talk to anycat.


Her apprenticeship has been a mad rush of events - what with learning herbs and also fighting skills, but managing her self control around particularly stubborn patients, not that she can't sympathise with them. Although she has learnt a lot, she still has to gain much more knowledge and have more experience with actual injuries, not just thorns in pads and bellyaches. The most common complaint she has is stiffness from the elders, and though it ruffles her fur to keep padding back and forth across the clearing, it is necessary.

Roleplay Sample: 
Renegadefire padded around the border, scenting the air as he went. This was his first patrol as a warrior, and he'd wandered off from his Clanmates to reflect on his days as an apprentice. The grass underpaw was starting to feel cold, the sun had begun to set and a cool breeze travelled his way, carrying with it the scent of a she-cat. A ValiantClan she-cat. He stiffened, leaping for the nearest tree to watch behind, forest green eyes blending in with the darkening shadows.

Fallingpaw tilted her head somewhat curiously as she examined the land on the other side of the border. Honestly, she could never really seem to understand what the big deal about the borders were anyway. Why could all of them simply live together? Did they have to really need to live such separate lives? She sat there a moment, her thoughts seeming to distract her. She probably should have turned away and headed back but, before the thought to even crossed her mind, she swore she saw another cat run and hide on the other side. Blinking a few times, she figured she must have been seeing things. "Well, it couldn't hurt," she mewed softly. "Hello?" She called out a bit louder this time.

Renegadefire's ears perked up, though his eyes narrowed slightly. Did this she-cat just want to talk? It was honestly the first time he'd been in this situation, and the ValiantClan cat looked about as friendly as any of his own Clanmates. He tilted his head a little. What if it was a ruse to bring him out, to lure him into a trap? He scented the air again, but found that the wind's direction had changed, blowing his scent towards hers instead. Screw it. He let out a low growl, slinking forth from the murky green - almost black - ferns that he was watching from, the tree now a useless form of hiding. Green eyes flashed, and Renegadefire stopped, one paw hovering where his border ended. The tom lifted his chin higher, looking over the border to see a ginger and white she cat.

When, initially, she didn't see any sort of movement, she thought that she would just turn away. She shouldn't be here anyway. She let out a small sigh and started to turn when the winds seemed to change again and the scent of the other cat blew towards her. Her whiskers twitched curiously as she stopped midturn. That's when she noticed another cat out there, a fluffy tom coming towarss the border. The harsh growl coming from him made her tense, the fur on her tail starting to rise and fluff out a bit. She took a small step backwards away from the border, keeping her eyes on the tom a moment. She didn't growl or hiss, though she felt her claws wanting to slip out. She wanted to say something, think of a way to greet the other but no words came initially. She stood her ground, however, trying to stand as tall as she possibly could.

Renegadefire examined the she-cat, the way that her tail fluffed up in apprehension, and how she stood facing him, defiant. He finally spoke, after what seemed like hours of just watching her movements. "Renegadefire." He said, his voice deep like rolling thunder. He offered his name as a greeting, being as though the two had never met before.

Fallingpaw's tail flicked a bit anxiously but, finally, the silence was broken. Renegadefire. Such an odd name for a clan cat, though rather unique at the same time. It was weird for her not to be smiling, but her apprehension that this other cat may still attack kept her a bit more stoic. "I'm Fallingpaw," she offered in return. "Are you with a patrol?"

Renegadefire nodded, trying to figure out whether the she-cat had a patrol with her. "They're too far away to hear us." He reassured Fallingpaw, sensing the tension prickling between them. He didn't really know what else he could say, what was there to? He couldn't exactly tell her that he'd just become a warrior, she'd be too suspicious.

Oh thank StarClan, at least that meant she didn't need to worry about any other SombreClan cats attacking her or something. Although, now she was wishing she herself was apart of a patrol of some sort. It was weird, when she had met Vixenstorm at the TempestClan border, it hadn't been nearly as tense. She supposed it was just an inherent feeling, considering the reputation of SombreClan cats. She slowly let herself relax, her tail fur slowing going back to normal. "How is SombreClan fairing this Greenleaf?" she asked. Well, there was no need to be rude, right? So long as he didn't seem like he was going to attack, a small bit of conversation couldn't hurt!

Renegadefire flicked his tail casually. Even if Fallingpaw was from another Clan, there was no need to be too intimidating. Plus, there wasn't that much harm in it, they were both behind their respected borders, so they weren't breaking the warrior code. "We're fine. A few of us have been made warriors, and the prey's good. How's ValiantClan?" He asked. He felt he's given a sufficient amount of information, it wouldn't be turned against them in any way. 

That was good! It seemed that all the clans were doing well. Though she supposed she could only say that about all but RillClan. Now, for a second, she wondered if RillClan was fairing just as well as the rest of them. She was sure they were, though it wasn't like she could really be for sure until the next gathering. "We're doing rather well over on our side," she replied, finally just sitting down properly. Her tail swayed behind her slowly. "Prey is plentiful and we've got a few new Apprentices. I'm sure some of our older apprentices will be Warriors soon."

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Re: Fallingpaw of GustClan

Post by Daisyleap on Sun Nov 06, 2016 6:20 pm



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