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Post by Shadowangel on Tue Feb 23, 2016 7:36 pm

Name: Wormpaw
Age: 11 moons 
Gender: Tom
Appearance: a thin-furred pale gray tom, small for his size and a scar running up his muzzle. He has pale green eyes and is very skinny.
Personality: He is a vicious, jealous, ugly cat who wants to be liked and wants power. He will stop at points to get it though.
History: His father had a half-clan mate and he was mates with his mother just to show his clan he was loyal. That turned his vile that his father liked those kits more than him. He fought against a clan, and lost his mother. A mother who told him sour things about his father. He got a nasty scar from that fight. His father refused to fight becuase his mate and kits where their. Wormpaw hated him for that. He has been planning revenge ever since.
Father: Crowtail, dark gray tom with a fanning tail
Mother: Shadefern, pale gray she cat(deceased)
Half-brother: Shardpaw, blackish gray tom
Half-Sister: Lightpaw, pale brown and white tabby she cat, black paws
Hunting, 7
Fighting, 5.5
Swimming, 5
Leaping, 3
Climbing, 3.5
Confidence, 6.7

Thank you!

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Re: Wormpaw

Post by Daisyleap on Sun Nov 06, 2016 6:20 pm

Can you please include a roleplay sample @Shadowangel?


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Re: Wormpaw

Post by Omi on Sat Nov 12, 2016 5:19 pm

#Bump Also, you need these things: What clan is he in? Where is his history + roleplay sample?


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Re: Wormpaw

Post by Sponsored content

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