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Periwinklestar leader of FrostClan

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Periwinklestar leader of FrostClan

Post by Honorchior on Sat Apr 23, 2016 10:23 pm

Appearance~A Rust colored she-cat with black stripes and blue eyes. Her fur is very puffy and it takes forever to groom, but it is very slick. Her belly is a little big, seeing as she is going to be having kits in about a moon or so.

Personality~She is very ambitious, but often gets very depressed. She tries to stay away from any topic regarding her past and is often found looking into the stars with her eyes watering. She can be very trusting and loving or very hostile and hating. Her mood changes like a teenage girl in the way that she could be happy one moment and trying to kill you the next. She is also very intimidating, and cats think twice about questioning her. She is wise though and, although she doesn't like it, she knows the warrior code very well.
History~Was born in the clans to the cats Morninglight and Flamedusk. She was the only child and her father was the only one who understood her and her mother hated her, neglecting her from when she was born. Her father found someone to feed her as her mother refused to but for some reason, the whole clan seemed to hate her. What she didn't know is that she had had a younger, smaller sister, Frostkit. When they were born, Russetkit's kept pushing her sister away. One of the shoves sent her back with such a force, her head hit the ground and she died. No one really wanted to mentor her and her father wasn't allowed to. Her mentor, Wolfrobin, did not really try with the young cat. He made her do things no other apprentice was told to do. She barely passed on to be a warrior, but the night of her becoming a warrior, a cat from another clan came in and killed her father over a grudge from a previous battle. Russetfrost found the cat responsible and killed him. Wolfrobin had encouraged her to do so secretly, hating her, and Russetfrost got punished. Russetfrost killed Wolfrobin soon after and her neglective mother. Then she ran away from the clans. She felt so bad about what had happened, and she didn't remember even doing parts of it, but she knew she couldn't return. She soon met a cat called Sage, a rouge. The two got along quite well, but Russetfrost wanted to leave her old life behind. She took the name Periwinkle and became a rouge. She also met Lupine, Sage's brother. He was the first tom who didn't look at her with hate other than her father. At first, Lupine being nearly 6 moons older than her, she looked to him like a second father, but her feelings slowly changed as she reached her 12th moon. The two became mates. News came to them that the dogs were attacking the clans. Periwinkle didn't want to get involved, Sage had met a tom there that she became mates with and had had his 1 kit, Neptune. She ran to the woods to help him and Lupine followed. Neither of them came back. Periwinkle took care of the kit by herself, but she soon found an opportunity. The Loners and Rouges had found the clan territory abandon. Periwinkle took this to her advantage, gathering a group of them and claiming a part of the territory for themselves. She became Periwinklestar, choosing a cat of only a little bit less ambition then her to be deputy, Sycamoreriddle. His life was dedicated to her and he loved her in every way. For a long while, she could not bring herself to get another mate, but she soon gave in and became his mate. Neptune recieved the name Irispaw and became Sycamoreriddle's apprentice. Soon her past life slowly began to leave her, she was still ambitious, but she was more at ease, trusting. She kept Irispaw as if she was her own daughter, but she didn't act to her as her mother had. She loved Irispaw as her own. She is currently pregnant with her own kits. She named her clan Frostclan after the cat who was her sister and who may have been the only other cat next to her father who loved her.

Kits~Unborn Litter
Foster Kit~Irispaw
Mate's Sister~Sage

I will make Irispaw but @Fallenleaves Will you possibly make Sycamoreriddle please?

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Re: Periwinklestar leader of FrostClan

Post by Daisyleap on Sun Nov 06, 2016 6:17 pm


I can definitely make Sycamoreriddle! Love the name Smile


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