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Daisystar, loyal leader of CloudClan

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Daisystar, loyal leader of CloudClan

Post by Daisyleap on Tue Nov 08, 2016 8:06 pm

Daisystar ~ She-cat (molly) ~ 52 moons ~ CloudClan
A long-furred, plush tortoiseshell with white mittens and distinctive green eyes. Her body is well-built and muscular for an older cat, and her somewhat impaired hearing gives her an even stronger sense of smell. She has long whiskers that appear like snow. A series of black and brown stripes create a strange pattern on her face. Daisystar has a deep cut on her tailbone and an old wound just below her neck. From the tough battle in her past, she has a torn left eartip and a few cracked claws. She has small legs, but she is swift and can run rather quick.

Daisystar is the oldest leader out of the new Clans. She is a loyal leader but often dumps tasks on her deputy that she should be doing. She's had complaints from a few warriors that she is too lazy to be a leader, but she's just one of those big daydreamers. Often times she just walks wherever her paws take her and dream about crazy things that could probably never happen. She's a tough lover, but her past life as a kittypet makes her quite the softie on younger cats. After taking over CloudClan, she purposely decided their territory would be farther from the rest of the Clans and closer to the Twolegplace so that she could visit her old friends frequently. She is very welcoming and kind to any outsider that may want to join her Clan, since she had past experiences with the Yijiao not letting her join. Living a long life makes her wise and grateful for everything she has.

Birthed by Cleo (unknown)
Fathered by Smokey (deceased)
Accompanied in birth by Princess (alive), Marbles (alive), Captain (deceased), Pandora (deceased), Boo (alive)
Older/younger siblings are Beetle (deceased), Frostbite (deceased)


Born on the Strawberry Moon, 2000
Former kittypet, Yijiao vice
Sexuality is asexual
Likes flowers, rain, sleeping, newleaf
Dislikes Yijiao, leafbare, long periods of talking, crowds
Fears dogs, loud storms, sudden movements
Prefers eating mice and voles
Smells like sunflowers and cinnamon

- - - - 

Daisy was born on a beautiful, sunny day in greenleaf. Her life was perfect for a few seconds. Until her and her parents were torn apart and Daisy was taken to an adoption agency. Her and all of her littermates were cooed at by Twolegs coming in and out of the shop. Daisy and Boo were adopted by a friendly Twoleg with three children. She was too young to remember her littermates and parents, and the only reason she knew about them was because of Beetle, an older sibling of hers that was adopted into the Twoleg house next door to Daisy's. He was a wise cat, and when Daisy was only 9 moons old he was attacked and killed by a group of mad cats from the forest. Daisy wanted her revenge. It took a while to find the right time, but when Daisy was 13 moons she escaped the Twoleg home and reached a group of cats who called themselves "Tooth". She joined them only to betray them later on, and she actually lived with those violent cats until she was 26 moons old. An attack was put on the gang of cats and believe it or not, it was all of Daisy's missing littermates! They managed to kill some of the cats, but all were brutally injured and died later on, except for Princess and Marbles. Princess went back to a normal kittypet life, but Marbles started her own group of cats to replace "Tooth". She started off small, with only her and Daisy in the gang. Daisy managed to pull Princess into it and they began war between each other. Daisy, the reckless daydreamer, decided their gang would be called "Claw", in an ironic chemical reaction with Tooth. Frostbite was a younger sibling of Daisy's who was only 15 moons when she came across Claw. Daisy nor her littermates knew Frostbite was related to them, but she was still let into the group. It turned out that Frostbite was secretly being taught by the leader of Tooth and one day sprung an attack against Claw, which was now a growing group. Princess ran off back to her Twoleg home before she could get killed, and Daisy was injured pretty badly by Frostbite. Marbles risked losing her left hind leg to save Daisy and murdered Frostbite. One cat named Hvitur, who was a member of Claw, treated for Marbles until she was better. Marbles has a few disabilities now, but Daisy was on her own path. She went back to her Twoleg home when finding out two new cats had joined the family. She was getting constant news from Marbles next door that Tooth was getting larger and larger, almost like one of the Clans down south of the Twolegplace. Daisy decided to take her own twist on it. She joined Tooth again at 34 moons old and managed to make her way up to a vice, which was a second in charge of the gang. Daisy was quite surprised when a vicious cat named Bloodshine raved through the Clans and with just a pack of dogs, killed off every living soul in the forest. The legends say that the dogs killed Bloodshine, but Daisy witnessed with her own eyes the leader of Tooth slaughtering her, only to be murdered by one of the dogs. After that horrid death, Daisy ran off into the forest and decided to rise to the challenge and create a new group called CloudClan, in memory of the Clans. Slowly, it grew and she even was challenged with more cats creating FrostClan, SnowClan, and RobinClan. Now Daisystar still frequently visits her friends in her old Twoleg home, and sometimes even snags some food from them if prey is running low.

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Re: Daisystar, loyal leader of CloudClan

Post by Omi on Tue Nov 08, 2016 8:41 pm

OMGGG DAISYLEAP THIS IS SO GOOD!! I WISH I COULD ACCEPT IT! (But sadly, lil' old Morningbreeze can't.) THE HISTORY THINGY IS PERFECTTT! <33 Great job! I love how you make your own auditions basically. :3 *I think this is a random reply to your really good audition, but eh.* Of I could do this, I would:  :approved:*Realizes it was already accepted, and feels stupid*

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I am Morningbreeze~


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Re: Daisystar, loyal leader of CloudClan

Post by Daisyleap on Wed Nov 09, 2016 4:07 pm

Hahahah it's fine Morning, just in the future you don't need to accept auditions made by Shadowbellies and up. And thanks for the compliment! <33

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Re: Daisystar, loyal leader of CloudClan

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