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[Aukletpaw of CloudClan]

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[Aukletpaw of CloudClan]

Post by Braveheart on Thu Nov 17, 2016 6:25 pm

Aukletkit // Aukletpaw // Aukletwing
12 moons

Gender: Female
Position: Medicine keeper apprentice
Clan: CloudClan 
Appearance: A sandy brown she-cat with golden eyes and half a tail.
Personality: Aukletpaw is a quiet she-cat with a short temper. She can be very stubborn and can be sometimes judging. She doesn't speak often and is too scared to speak up for herself. Aukletpaw is often unnoticed by her peers because of how quiet she is but she is always watching and observing her clan-mates. Aukletpaw would make a great mother one day and is very gentle towards kits. She even wishes to have kits one day but it is forbidden among her rank.
Physical Abilities:
Fighting - 2
Hunting - 6
Running - 8
Climbing - 5
Swimming - 3
Strength - 4
Stamina - 9
Logic - 6
Herbs - 8
Memory - 7
Mother - Emmy
Father - Dusk
History: Aukletpaw, Apple as a kittypet, grew up among her small family. Being the only child, she was constantly watched by both her housefolk and parents. However, the Twolegs discovered they had allergies to cats, so Apple and her mom and dad moved to the forest. There, they found CloudClan, which had just started growing and assembling after a massacre. Daisystar, the leader of CloudClan, heartily accepted Apple, Emmy, and Dusk into the Clan. Daisystar was once a kittypet herself so she let Emmy and Dusk keep their names, but Apple wanted to be a true warrior and had her name changed to Aukletpaw. Then one day while on a hunting patrol with her father, a fox attacked them and she lost half her tail and had many broken bones. She stayed in the medicine cats den for a long time with Morningbreeze, and discovered how much she enjoyed the smell of herbs. She watched Morningbreeze at work every day while in recovery and decided she wanted to be a medicine keeper. Once Aukletpaw was well again she asked Daisystar and Morningbreeze, and they accepted. Now she leaves a peaceful life with her family in CloudClan, and nobody shuns her for being a past kittypet.
Notes: N/A

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Aukletpaw- Meddie Apprentice of CloudClan

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