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Privetstorm, CloudClan

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Privetstorm, CloudClan

Post by Vlaydo Playdo on Mon Jul 03, 2017 9:33 am

Privetstorm // Privetpaw // Privetkit 
Warrior // CloudClan
Tom // 36 moons
Privetstorm is a handsome snow white tom with bright yellow-amber eyes. He has long, soft fur, and a delicate build. Small paws are placed upon his long legs and a pale pink brightens his pads, nose, and inside of ears. His ears are quite tall, with tufts of silver sticking out amongst them. A long, fluffy tail finishes off his ravishing features, which lash and sway when running. His appearance is uncommon to most of CloudClan.
Privetstorm is extremely friendly towards his Clanmates, and she tries to be as kind as he can. He is a very mature cat, and he usually isn't very playful. This tom-cat is calm in the most chaotic situations, but he can get snappy if someone is talking about something that he is sensitive about. He is very afraid to be committed to anything, and he tends to try to be aloof when it comes to tension between him and other members of the Clan. Privetstorm is distrustful of other cats because of his past. He tries to be the best warrior that he can be.
Fighting: 2/10
Hunting: 9/10
Swimming: 7/10
Climbing: 6/10
Running: 7/10
Herbs: 4/10
Memory: 5/10
Stamina: 5/10
Strength: 8/10
Mother - Gannetfeather, pure white she-cat with green eyes, open as kittypet
Father - Mousetail, light brown tabby tom with white stripes and amber eyes, deceased by badger attack
Sisters - 
Pipitkit - light brown tabby she-cat with baby blue eyes, deceased from birth(loss of milk and freezing)
Molekit - tiny white and brown she-cat with grassy green eyes, deceased from birth(loss of milk and freezing)
Troutkit - large black and white she-cat with different gray patterns and amber eyes, deceased from abandonment(mother)  
Brothers - 
Mosquitokit - small brown tabby tom with green eyes, deceased from birth(loss of milk and freezing)
Shrewkit - average white and brown-grey tom with one amber eye and one green, deceased from abandonment(mother)
Mate - open
Crush - open
Kits - none yet
Best Friend - Bitternfrost
Mentor - (former) Mousetail, deceased 
Apprentice - none, future may be Palekit
Privetstorm was the only survivor out of his litter(him, Mosquitokit, Pipitkit, Molekit). His mother was unhappy because of this, and the kit would always know of her disapproval. Just before Privetkit was going to become an apprentice, his mother abandoned him on the step of a Twoleg den. The Clan managed to find him, but they didn't believe what he said about his mother. After having another litter that included only two kits(Shrewkit and Troutkit), his mother eventually abandoned them and left the Clan. Privetpaw saw with his own two eyes the death of Shrewkit and Troutkit, who had died without any help from a mother. No foster mothers were available at that time, so it ended for them. Privetpaw trained hard with his father, but their closeness was drifting apart since Gannetfeather left. Privetpaw was quite sad and in a state of depression, but on his first Gathering he met a cat from RobinClan named Bitternpaw. They became the bestest of friends, and when Privetpaw became Privetstorm, he often met with Bitternpaw, now Bitternfrost, at the new Twolegplace. Bitternfrost usually crossed a short route through the jungle to reach their hangout, but it was working out great. Privetstorm meets up with his close friend almost every day. No one knows about this.. yet.
Fears - the death of kits, red ants, meeting his mother again 
Disabilities/Habits - Has a habit of pinching his claws together when he's nervous or anxious  
Preferred Prey - cod or salmon
Preferred Herb - Borage (Leaves) 
Likes - Swimming, Running, hot weather, Bitternfrost, when the Clans are in peace
Dislikes - War, being offended, his mother, Yijiao
Sexuality - Asexual, not interested in having a mate or crush at the moment  
Scent - He, for a tom, has a very sweet and flowery scent with a faint trace of olives

"If wishes were prey, we'd feast like lions come leafbare. But we'd die of boredom. You know that's not what the life of the Clans is like. The warrior code guides us through the dark times, the cold, and the hunger. And the good times seem all the greater for it."
Vlaydo Playdo
Audition Instructor
Audition Instructor

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Re: Privetstorm, CloudClan

Post by Daisyleap on Mon Jul 03, 2017 9:55 am



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