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001 - Rules and Regulations

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001 - Rules and Regulations

Post by Daisyleap on Sat Jun 27, 2015 4:40 pm

╔═                                                                                                                                ═╗
    one. Here on Blazing Tails of Grief and Fortune, we are a one account per person site.             Please edit your username beginning with a capital letter to make everything line up nicely.

If you'd like to make a sub-account to hold more cats, that's totally fine. However, don't make fifteen new accounts just to play kits games with yourself and get your post count up.

We do not require you to make new accounts for every character you make. When you roleplay, you just use your main account that you created the audition with.


two. The forum staff is here to help with any of your questions or concerns. A red name means they are an admin, a pink or purple name means they are a moderator, and a light blue or dark red name means they are helpers. They are also here to enforce the rules, and that means they are not afraid to warn or ban you if you are breaking a rule.

Listen to StarClanners, Thunderflowers, and Shadowbellies when they are giving you advice or telling you to stop. Ignoring them will only result in the basic consequences.

If you are behaving badly, you'll be banned from the chat. If you continue to troll, spam, or annoy other members, then you will be banned from accessing the forum for 24 hours. After that, you will get one more chance and if you still decide to make bad choices, then you will be completely banned, including your IP address, and your username being censored from making a new account. Hey, it's your fault if you got up to that point.

Do not ask to be a staff member. We can handle it! So, please, do not bombard us with messages about how perfect you are for the team. We do not care.


three. Within your profile are different settings like privacy, signatures, and avatars. There is one main avatar that should be at maximum around 200x300. If you can't make or find a fitting avatar, feel free to ask someone!

Make sure to fill out the rest of your mini-profile like the nickname, current emotion, and signature! If everybody does that the site will look super.


four. There is absolutely no swearing on this site except in the chatbox. However, if someone asks not to swear, please respect that!

Keep the roleplay clean as well. Appropriate "Warriors" talk is allowed, of course, but please remember that these are cats, not people. They don't know what curses and swears are, only the insults they've learned throughout history. Rude people will suffer the consequences and be banned.

You must be respectful to everyone. I know how people are sometimes, so I always feel the need to say this.

Do not use chatspeak in the boards. If we see you using "OMG", "LOL", "ROFL", etc in character, you WILL be PMed a warning to not do that again. It will only result in consequences if you continue to do so.

Once again, these are cats and not people. They don't even know what "Oh my god" means becuase they use "Oh my GalaxyClan!".




six. You can absolutely never trade catnip, prey, or "reputation for reputation", without an admins permission. In the Shops, do not ever post a store for people to trade their catnip or prey to you in exchange for you drawing them something, making them an avatar, etc, without an admins permission.

Never under any circumstance can you do a "reputation for reputation", either. Those are sayings that if you give someone a Shadowbelly, per say, position, and you choose to give them a Thunderflower position in return. That is never okay to do, so follow this rule no matter what kind of "offers" you might get.


seven. There is no limit on cats, but don't have too many. Only make 150 cats if you can handle roleplaying that amount, otherwise they'll just be deleted for not having any use.

The names of warrior cats are spelled Cloudfeather NOT CloudFeather or Cloud-Feather.

Please don't do things like "Echofang purred." as the only thing you post. Put a little effort into it! The whole point of this RP is to have detail and action and adventure!

Ignored or non-roleplayed cats will be deleted within a month.


eight. In order to keep the site active, we require you to post at least twice a week. Of course, it's understandable if you have other things to do since Blazing Tails of Grief and Fortune isn't an actual job, but when that sort of stuff happens you should message an admin and we'll powerplay your characters for you for however long it is needed.

We have activity checks every month to warn members and their characters how much longer they have until they will be deleted. This also makes room for all the new guys to come and join us!


nine. This roleplay still involves humans, yes, but our cats have developed an artistic and religious system now. So, the medicine cats will paint portraits of whatever dream they might have received from GalaxyClan with their paws and show it to the leader, for example. This is a semi-realistic roleplay, so of course the cats can talk and use art and religion, but they can't jump into a truck, turn the ignition and crash into City Hall. They don't have opposable thumbs!

There will be absolutely no sexual content. That means no detailed mating. Everyone on Blazing Tails begs you not to. There are members under 13 that take their place here and would not like to witness that.

Cats may be non-heterosexual. If you have questions on how two mates with the same biological parts can borne kits, PM a StarClanner.

If you want a cat to have kittens without another mate being involved, you must pay a certain amount of prey to make this happen. Otherwise, it is required that you must have a mate before giving birth to kits.


ten. Here on Blazing Tails of Grief and Fortune, we have an account controlled by all the admins called Mother Nature. She represents predators and prey. She takes care of all the border patrols and deaths and will announce any important events that are happening in the roleplay. You can post on her topic if you'd like a specific death or event to happen and she might do it.


eleven. Now, I'm going to be a nerd and say have fun! Please feel free to come to me if you have any questions.

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