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Post by Omi on Thu Jul 06, 2017 9:14 pm

| A U T U M N B R E E Z E |
Female | FrostClan
33 Moons | Warrior (Possibly Queen)

Autumn is a small cat, with short t r and long thin legs. She has short fluffy fur and a pink nose with light pink ears. Her paw pads are pink, and she has a stripped pattern along with orange splotches all around. Her belly fur and chest fur is white though, along with her paws. She has a strip of white on her face, and her eyes are a dark fern green.

Autumn is a friendly cat, with soft words and isn't very rude. She can become hot-headed though when cats hurt her or her family. Though she is sweet she will fight to prove her loyalty.

Wip because so much lag its messing up my words.


I am small~
I have heart~
I show my feelings~
Threw the wind~
I am the wind~
I am the breeze~
I am the morning~

I am Morningbreeze~


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