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FrostClan Camp

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FrostClan Camp

Post by Daisyleap on Fri Jul 07, 2017 5:36 pm

FrostClan's camp is hidden in the heart of their territory, surrounded by gnarled oak trees and tall, grey boulders. Plants and unnecessary herbs grow around the entrance to the camp, and the Rocky Fields are not too far.

{Pinpointing the Camp}

[The Leader's Den]
Periwinklestar sleeps beneath a bramble thicket nestled inside a hole in the Highledge, where she holds Clan meetings. Her den is reinforced by fallen tree trunks for extra protection, and various mosses and lichen have begun to grow from the cracks in the Highledge.
[The Highledge]
The Highledge is a rocky ledge that juts out from the cliff wall at the back of camp. Small steps have been carved on the wall so Periwinklestar can easily access the top to call Clan meetings. A line of feathers indicates where the deputy sits at the base of the Highledge.
[The Elders Den]
The elders den can be located at the edge of the camp, nearest to the medicine clearing. It is a completely cleared out bush with extra beds of moss neatly stacked in the corner. Long ago, warriors spent many moons perfecting the entrance to the elders den; an arch reinforced by thick branches and twigs. It now looks almost like a magical place. The den is waterproof, and strong material surrounding the exterior of the den keeps winds and snow out.
[The Warriors Den]
The warriors den is another large bramble bush nearest to the camp entrance. The ground in here is more natural, with barely any soft grasses or mosses to splay on the floor. In front of the den is a stack of moss nests for new warriors to grab and pick a spot to sleep. The newer warriors must sleep in the center of the den, while senior warriors take their spots on the barriers of the den, unseen from predators that might have a mission to kill.
[The Apprentices Den]
The apprentices den is a smaller bramble thicket located nearest to the nursery. The walls are reinforced with strong branches and bark from trees so it doesn't fall down, and beds of moss are more tightly packed because of the size. The apprentices like to take on the rest of the den by themselves, giving them a chance to learn responsibility.
[The Nursery]
The nursery is located next to the apprentices den and on the other side of the medicine clearing. The queens and kits are greatly protected by the bramble thicket, but a small hole hidden by the darkness allows them to easily escape during a crisis. This hole leads out to the opposite side of the camp's entrance, but a path has been specially carved for the escapees to get to safety. The nests are made of soft grass, with pine needles weaved around the edges.
[The Medicine Clearing]
The medicine clearing is not a normal den like in other Clans. The excess branches, soil, and twigs have been cleared away, carving a nice floor for the medicine keepers to walk across. It is, however, surrounded by thick pine trees with a fairly large spot to keep the herbs so sunlight gets in. Otherwise, the den is very dark and protects the herbs, patients, and medicine keepers from predators. This den has the same break in the back as the nursery to escape during a crisis. Lengthy logs are placed against four of the trees surrounding the clearing, layered with soft moss for patients to get treated. A little farther off, closest to the escape route, is a small pool for the medicine keepers and patients to drink out of.

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Re: FrostClan Camp

Post by tinkerbell on Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:33 am

Puffinkit sat on a log in the medicine den, swinging her paws down as she sprawled out on her stomach. "Pffft," she rested her head on the moss pillow. "So bored... I wish I was an apprentice already. Hmm, I don't have to wait." she leaped up and scrambled into camp, trying to ignore the thorn stuck in her flank. "Beekit?" she called, searching the clearing for her brother.

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Re: FrostClan Camp

Post by Stormheart on Tue Jul 18, 2017 2:48 am

Runningclaw twitched his ears as he noticed Puffinkit in the medicine cat den, but before he was able to ask her what was wrong, she dashed off in a heartbeat. He tilted his head in confusion, and huffed. "Kits make no sense." He mumbled to himself, turning back to his herbs and pawing away a few dry leaves.

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Re: FrostClan Camp

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