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FrostClan Scorpion Canyon

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FrostClan Scorpion Canyon

Post by Daisyleap on Fri Jul 07, 2017 6:10 pm

This is FrostClan's main hunting grounds, though it is very dangerous. Nestled between the mountains that make the border between FrostClan and CloudClan is a deep chasm dividing the earth in two. At the base of the canyon is a flowing river that eventually spills out into the ocean on SnowClan's territory. When you are at the base of the canyon, on the shore of the river, you will see things you cannot see from the canyon's cliffs. This location is riddled with caves, filled with bats, lizards, and other prey. It is not a good place for training or taking young cats because of all it's great hazards. It was named "Scorpion Canyon" because those small, pinching creatures are all around the river's edges, as well as many predatory birds like hawks and falcons. The river has a dangerous current that can easily sweep even the strongest warriors along with it, so it's best not even to stick a paw in it.


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