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Tribe of Secret Souls Camp

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Tribe of Secret Souls Camp

Post by Daisyleap on Sat Jul 08, 2017 10:37 am

The Tribe of Secret Souls' camp is hidden deep in the lush forest, by the hot spring. The camp is in a stone hollow, surrounded by thick lines of bushes and shrubs. Exactly as their name implies, the camp and rest of the territory is very secretive. A small sandy clearing covers up the Tribe's camp. The smallest rolling hills are dug into to create dens for others, and usually provide the Tribe with good protection and health.

{Pinpointing the Camp}

[The Healer's Cave]
A towering arch in the middle of camp silhouettes the Healer's den. It is inside a warm, dark cave, and in the very back there is a small, glowing pool of water where the Healer speaks to the spirits and reads the stories of day and night. Right outside the cave are the Soulstones, with easy access to the top so the Healer can call gatherings to recite the new stories he learned to the Tribe.
The Soulstones are a collection of slippery, hot rocks where the Healer stands to call gatherings. In the hottest of The Time of Freed Water, the Healer climbs to the very top of the rocks to make important announcements.
[The Hunter's Den]
The hunter's den is a rather small cave, ringed in dense brambles. The ground is moist and spongy, freezing over in the Time of Frozen Water. Pine needles litter the ground throughout, with thin pockets of plants growing around the inside.
[The Cave-Guard's Den]
The cave-guard's den is near the entrance to the camp in a bush with an underground tunnel leading to all of the other dens. There is a vantage point above the den; some grey stones where as many as five cave-guards can stand to watch over the camp.
[The To-Be's Den]
The to-be's den is a large bush with moss and feathers covering the ground completely. Light is always filtering into the den through the small holes and nooks.
[The Clouded Den]
The Clouded Den is where the kit-mothers and their kits sleep. It is yet another bush that has been completely cleared out inside, and it looks almost foggy inside which is how it got it's name.

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