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Tribe of Silver Phantoms Camp

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Tribe of Silver Phantoms Camp

Post by Daisyleap on Wed Jul 12, 2017 6:07 pm

The Tribe of Silver Phantoms camp is a large, sandy clearing in the shade and protection of small trees with a waterfall at the entrance. The clearing is built nestled into the side of a low hill. Behind the waterfall is a cave where you can enter the glowworm mushroom caves. That part of the territory is so close that it is a relatively safe place for apprentices to go without mentors, and even for kits with a responsible guardian. The camp is quite close to the Tribe of Secret Souls, but it is rarely disturbed. The mountains of the other Tribe stretch into the Silver Phantoms territory, causing some rocky areas by the entrance as well. The warriors, elders and queens dens are mostly found in living foliage and are above ground, so they can't be flooded in rainy weather, while the Healer has a den on the side of a low hill.

{Pinpointing the Camp}

[The Healer's Cave]
Behind the Burnt Phantom is a medium-sized den built out of mud, bracken, weeds, and twigs, where the leader can be found. Beside the den is a small badger set, where the leader sleeps during the coldest of nights. Like the warriors though, the leader prefers sleeping under the stars. The Healer's den contains a small pool fed from a spring, so there is no need for them to travel long distances for water. Still, most thirsty cats will drink outside of camp, so as not to disturb any patients.
[The Burnt Phantom]
The Burnt Phantom is exactly what it is. The Healer addresses meetings and gatherings at the top of this boulder root with a smile on their face. The boulder root has been burnt from a lightning bolt from a past storm and creating it into the shape of a phantom. Sometimes this rock can shock you, but the tingling feeling gives you a sensation to keep the day going.
[The Hunter's Den]
The hunter's den is a cozy den made from brambles and leaves, intertwined with honeysuckle. A thick sheet of moss covers the floor for nests.
[The Cave-Guard's Den]
The cave-guard's den is, coincidentally, in a smaller cave tunneled out from the glowworm mushrooms caves that has ivy draped over the entrance. The floor is covered with moss and bracken.
[The To-Be's Den]
The to-be's sleep next to the Clouded Den, in a smaller bramble thicket; but it is still big enough that it can house plenty of young to-be's. They like to take it upon themselves to spruce up their own nests to meet each one's own tastes. A variety of different nests are in the corner of the den, some made of moss, some made of feathers, and really any comfy substance out there.
[The Clouded Den]
The Clouded Den, also looking foggy inside as its name suggests, is placed diagonally from the to-be's den, hidden beneath a big bramble thicket. There is a small break at the back of the thicket that allows for easy escape during any sort of a crisis, and the nests are made of soft grass, moss and pine needles.


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