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Grassflight, hardworking warrior of FrostClan

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Grassflight, hardworking warrior of FrostClan

Post by Daisyleap on Wed Jul 12, 2017 6:28 pm

(Grassflight as a kit)
Grassflight ~ She-cat ~ 20 moons ~ FrostClan
Grassflight is a white she-cat with olive oil blue eyes and scruffy black patches of fur. She has a very short bobtail and a completely bright pink nose. She has pure pink paw pads and on the insides of her ears. She was always the smallest cat, and even as a warrior she's just about half the size of a middle-aged fox.

Grassflight is one of those go-with-the-flow kind of cats, just like her brother, Bouldersnow. She is a happy-go-lucky cat, always fine with whatever she has to do. Grassflight enjoys hunting outside with her brother, and training her apprentice, Featherpaw. Bouldersnow is very good at running, while Grassflight is very slow. While Grassflight helps Bouldersnow how to hunt better, Bouldersnow teaches Grassflight how to run as fast as him. The only real, actual difference Grassflight has from her brother is that she is a kind-of secretive cat, which she takes from her unknown mother, while Bouldersnow is an open book. Grassflight is very clumsy with her running and climbing, which she takes from her father.

Birthed by unknown
Fathered by Sharpear (alive, open)
Accompanied in birth by Bouldersnow (alive, open)


Born on the Harvest Moon, 1997
Former apprentice, kit, loner
Sexuality is heterosexual
Likes training, hunting, leaf-bare, her brother, the smell of herbs
Dislikes rude cats, storms, her old mentor, and hot, humid days
Fears death, war, failing someone she looks up to
Prefers eating birds, waterfowl, and voles
Smells like rosemary and thyme

- - - - 

Born on the edge of a small Thunderpath with her brother, Bouldersnow, Grassflight never really knew who her real mother was. The only cat sitting next to the two siblings when they were born was their father, looking surprisingly calm. Their mother was nowhere in sight when at last the two kittens opened their tiny little eyes. Grassflight's father speaks nothing of their mother, but keeps his life away from it as well. Nobody knows why, but Grassflight was born with a great disability; twisted hind paws. She doesn't like it when other cats call her silly and bully her for her disability. Sometimes she cries and runs away, while sometimes she breaks into a fight to that cat to defend herself with great anger. Her father doesn't care that much, so Bouldersnow is the one to usually stop her from hurting the other cat. Though, Bouldersnow uses words to defend his disabled sister. Grassflight and Bouldersnow never did have a foster mother, for their father would take of them most of the time as kits. But now something happened to their father gravely, and he spends barely any time with them and pays no what-so-ever attention to his kits. Bouldersnow has nightmares that seem like signs, but he has only told Grassflight a few of the first ones. He is the kind of 'open' cat, but he's probably going to tell his sister sooner or later. He thinks these dreams are a sign of what happened to his unknown mother and why Grassflight is disabled. Nobody knows if she was born like that or not.


"Sometimes bad things happen for no reason, or for reasons we can't begin to understand."


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