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Yijiao Camp

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Yijiao Camp

Post by Daisyleap on Thu Jul 13, 2017 1:32 pm

Yijiao's camp is hidden in the center of their territory, east of the CloudClan border. The walls are made of large mossy stones, being a popular spot for many insects like ladybugs, roaches, and even a few slugs now and then. On the west half of camp, closest to the vices den, is a cluster of tall trees, living and dead, that provide shelter in case of an emergency.

{Pinpointing the Camp}

[The Leader's Den]
The leader's den is a small arch in the center of the clearing, reinforced by dried mud. It has many rocks making a stair-like structure, and in the rare case that the leader would have to address something to the whole of Yijiao, they climb up easily to the top, where a flat rock sits surrounded by branches, leaves, and flower petals.
[The Vices Den]
The vice, or deputy's, den is a solid-rock den with reeds and long grasses protecting the entrance. It is not as sheltered from cold as the leader's den, so during leafbare the vice may sometimes switch dens.
[The God's Clearing]
The God's clearing is a large clearing hidden behind tall reeds and grasses. There are rock shelves for herbs and small hollows for the cult to sleep in. They are a resource of healing to Yijiao, and nothing else.
[The Assassin and Bounty Hunter Tunnel]
The assassin and bounty hunter's tunnel is a huge rock tunnel with soft moss and feathers layering the floor. These cats do not have nests because of the springy ground already, and it is placed the closest to the leader's den so the leader is protected in case of an emergency.
[The Apprentices Den]
The apprentice's den is a bramble thicket farthest from the center of camp. Giant pine branches stick out, forming a canopy above the soft ground of the den.
[The Queen and Kits Den]
The queen and kits den is another bramble thicket located next to the apprentices den. It is connected, but the path is blocked off by overhanging branches. The back of the den is more sensitive to the elements outside, so it's better to stay on the sides or by the front entrance.
[The Contract Keepers Den]
The contract keepers den is a den surrounded by big, thick, strong brambles. It is one of the most protected den in the camp, next to the leader's. It is reinforced by dried mud, while various flowers sway by the entrance. They handle contracts towards the back of the den, a more lighted and spacious place.

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