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DewClan Camp

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DewClan Camp

Post by Daisyleap on Thu Jul 13, 2017 2:04 pm

DewClan camp is in the shelter of a crumbling Twoleg house. Parts of the roof gave in a long time ago, as well as the walls slowly collapsing and unsteady to even rest your tail on. Twoleg smells and items are long gone, and it is very helpful in the event of a storm. From a young age cats are taught where and where not to step in the Twoleg house so the whole thing doesn't become a tombstone. It's a special camp indeed... only to the other Clans, Tribes, and Yijiao. All of the unofficial Clans have an old Twoleg structure as their camp, and it is very helpful to know all the nooks and crannies in them.

{Pinpointing the Camp}

[The Leader's Room]
The Twoleg house may be slowly crumbling down, and in maybe two or three generations DewClan will no longer be able to live in it, but for now, there are still tiny rooms with cobwebs and old Twoleg toys scattered about. The one right by the main entrance, what used to be the Twoleg doorway, is where the leader of DewClan sleeps.
[The Deputy's Room]
Another room right next to the leader's room is where the deputy sleeps. It has a lot of ripped-up, dusty furniture in it, presumably what used to be the Twoleg's living room.
[The Medicine Cat's Room]
The room on the other side of the doorway is where the medicine cats sleep. The floor is covered with white tiles and it has a big marble countertop with many wooden drawers. Some of the small doors underneath the drawers are able to be opened with a cats paw, so it is used to store herbs and other remedies.
The rest of the Clan sleeps in any nook and cranny they can find in the Twoleg house that is safe. It could be curled up right next to the leader's room, or far in the small old shed.


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