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Hickoryapple ~ Medicine Keeper of SnowClan

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Hickoryapple ~ Medicine Keeper of SnowClan

Post by Honorchior on Thu Jul 13, 2017 7:01 pm

Hickorykit Hickorypaw Hickoryapple
She-cat//SnowClan//Medicine Cat//54 Moons

Hickoryapple is a tiny white she-cat with little brown and gray circles all over her back. She has a black tipped tail, and silver spots on her paws. She also has blue-green eyes.

Hickoryapple is an extremely sassy she-cat that won't take any sas from anyone. She knows her place in the Clan and won't tolerate any disrespect. She also has this scary ability that freaks most cats out. She can sense the emotions of people around her. Many kits try to stay away from her if they can because she freaks them out. If an apprentice is just sitting around complaining they are bored or something, she won't hesitate to put them to work. She even does this with Warriors which makes them upset, but the know she is the one who treats their wounds, so they would never try to get on her bad side. Hickoryapple also has an extremely strong connection with GalaxyClan. She shares tongues with them very often, which makes SnowClan her have lots of knowledge. She may act rude on the outside, but on the inside, she is really very sweet, if you can get through her rough shell and get to know the real her.

Hickoryapple didn't know she was going to be the medicine cat. At the time of her birth, many cats actually wanted to be apprenticed to the medicine cat. However, one day, as a kit, Hickoryapple got very sick and almost died. She was in GalaxyClan and they told her something she was to tell the medicine cat. When she came back from the near-death experience, she was changed. She started feeling other cats emotions, weather she wanted to or not. She told the medicine cat what GalaxyClan told her to tell her. In fact, the medicine cat had asked GalaxyClan to have the chosen cat tell her that exact thing the next day. She was immediately chosen as Medicine Cat Apprentice. The night when she went to be accepted into GalaxyClan as a Medicine Keeper Apprentice, the cats of GalaxyClan met with her and told her they would walk in her dreams often and she was very special. One day, her mentor grew very sick. She insisted that she took Hickoryapple to become a full medicine cat that night, the night of the half moon. Hickoryapple went reluctantly, not wanting her mentor to get hurt even more, but obeying her wishes. The next morning her mentor died of the sickness that no one knew what was. However, her mentor continues to meet with her in Hickoryapple's sleep.

Mother: Treestone/Dead(childbirth)
Father: Fishscale/Elder/NPC
Sister: Lilystar/Leader of SilentClan/Mine

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Re: Hickoryapple ~ Medicine Keeper of SnowClan

Post by Daisyleap on Thu Jul 13, 2017 7:05 pm

Fuzzy Rainbows


"Sometimes bad things happen for no reason, or for reasons we can't begin to understand."


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