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SilentClan Camp

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SilentClan Camp

Post by Daisyleap on Fri Jul 14, 2017 11:44 am

SilentClan camp is hidden deep in the pine forest they claim as their own territory. Like the other unofficial Clans, it is off the Twoleg trail but still holds mysterious Twoleg items. In the corner of their 'camp' is a big yellow box that reads 'BEWARE OF BEES'. There are hives inside but only three small holes in the glass to let the flying insects out. Cats are advised to stay away from the box unless they want to get stung. DewClan, DawnClan, and SmokeClan have old Twoleg remains to sleep in, but SilentClan sleeps wherever they want in the small clearing. The camp is right by a small stream, and a towering pine tree above them has a rope attached to it with a block of wood sewn to the bottom. The cats don't know how it got there, but Twolegs never approach it anymore which is why the clearing was a perfect place to set camp.

{Pinpointing the Camp}

[There are no specific dens to sleep in, but when the cats need shelter there are a few holes in the ground that, when entered, leads into a complex tunnel system underground. It is hard to breathe down there but is still very safe for when there is a storm or any other kind of emergency.]

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