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Eastern Territories // Old Paper Mill

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Eastern Territories // Old Paper Mill

Post by Daisyleap on Sat Jul 15, 2017 3:50 pm

In the most powerful rapids of the river is an old, abandoned paper mill. Years ago, the mill took rushing water to power its operation. The mill shut down not too long ago because of the frequent accidents and fatalities to the Twolegs working there. Cats older than fifteen moons old can tell stories all about when the paper mill was still running. The three-story mill is still in good condition and is home to a plethora of different prey such as small rodents that are so unaware, they could all be swiped in a heartbeat and be eaten as a feast. This building provides shelter to any creature, but it is rare to see a predator lurking inside or outside. Occasionally, maybe every three moons, a group of Twolegs will come inside the mill and make a lot of noise, seeming to be searching for something. The cats know it's time to scram when they come in, but they don't stay for long and the cats can safely return inside the mill as it was left before.

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