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Western Territories // Abandoned Temple

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Western Territories // Abandoned Temple

Post by Daisyleap on Sat Jul 15, 2017 3:57 pm

Hidden in the forest outside SnowClan's part is an overgrown, mysterious building. Most cats believe it to be the work of Twolegs, but it has long since been abandoned and no humans have entered for many, many moons.. Cats have tried in vain for generations to puzzle out what it was for. Within the mouth, a tunnel leads to a large underground chamber with a carved stone pedestal in the center. Yet more paths lead off of the chamber. Strange relics can be found here amid the dust and gloom, some dangerous and some not. Beyond the central chamber, though, there is almost no light whatsoever, so cats tend to avoid these places. Prey, including mice, rats, and bats, can be found inside, but many cats are unsettled by the strange place and choose to keep a safe distance, hunting the typical forest prey that lives in the area. Younger cats, and even mischievous SnowClan apprentices wanting to cross into the Clanless territory, often dare each other to go inside, and some cats are known to have pulled interesting items from inside with which to adorn their nests.


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