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Western Territories // The Wishing Tree

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Western Territories // The Wishing Tree

Post by Daisyleap on Sat Jul 15, 2017 4:29 pm

The Wishing Tree is a relatively skinny and small tree in less hidden part of the forest, but it has a small quirk in the form of a rounded out hollow at its base that cats have taken to calling the Wishing Hole. It might be silly kit-tales, but for generations cats have been depositing small treasures into the tree and whispering a wish inside. Many claim that theirs have come true, but quite frankly many are skeptical. Regardless, the trinkets and treasures almost always seem to disappear. Some think it’s GalaxyClan, some a mean cat playing a trick, but just as many simply think birds or squirrels are  likely to be stealing the treasures away.


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