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The Realms have revived themselves once more after fearful events at the last Gathering. They believed Kiroho had left them to fend for themselves, sending everyone into a spiral of despair. Summer brought more prey and raised some hopes, but along with it endless thunderstorms and homes collapsing. Now, winter has arrived, and prey is scarce. The temperatures range from 0-25°F, and it is recommended not to enter the frigid waters until spring.

@Daisy and @Quake
Deputy: open
The Council: @Snoo, five open

@Daisy and @Sky
Deputy: @Quake
Healers: @Aqua, open
Healer's Apprentices: two open

King and @Snoo
Deputy: @Quake
Healers: @Daisy, open
Healer's Apprentices: two open

@Aqua and @Quake
Deputy: @Daisy
Healers: two open
Healer's Apprentices: @Quake, open

@Sky and Queen
Deputy: @Aqua
Healers: @Quake, @Daisy
Healer's Apprentices: two open

@Aqua AND @tinkerbell
Heir: @Snoo, @Sky
Contract Keepers: @Daisy, @Quake, four open
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RobinClan cat, Poppyfall

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RobinClan cat, Poppyfall Empty RobinClan cat, Poppyfall

Post by tinkerbell on Mon Jul 17, 2017 3:35 pm

RobinClan cat, Poppyfall 7bqQBJb
Name: Poppykit ~ Poppypaw ~ Poppyfall
Age: 19 moons
Gender: She-cat
Birth Moon: The Sturgeon Moon
Rank: Warrior
Allegiance: RobinClan
Appearance: Poppyfall is a brown tabby she-cat with green eyes and a luxurious, plush coat that covers her wrinkly skin underneath.
Personality: She is rather opinionated, as in she must share her opinion to everything and anyone. She is fearless and will usually be the one to lead an adventure or trek through the woods. Her eyes and long, flecked whiskers give her a worried look, but she never resembles to her appearance. She prefers to work on something herself; the independent gal always goes hunting herself or climbing a tree herself, but she loves sharing experiences in the woods with her sisters and father and anyone else who wants to join in. She depends on herself if she wants to survive, and will bluntly snap back at someone when they try to tell her something about how to run her life. She is rather stubborn, or headstrong, and tends to say hurtful things without meaning it or knowing it. Despite this, she is intelligent and can work out a problematic matter quicker than a horse. She can act childish at times with her littermates, but otherwise she is a quite complicated gal to work with.
Family/History: Same history as Ryepaw and Morningpaw, she's just a little older and witnessed a fox attack and kill her best friend, Fallenpaw, as apprentices.

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RobinClan cat, Poppyfall Empty Re: RobinClan cat, Poppyfall

Post by Daisyleap on Mon Jul 17, 2017 5:25 pm


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