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Brokenwing of RobinClan (FINISHED!)

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Brokenwing of RobinClan (FINISHED!)

Post by Brokenwing on Sun Aug 06, 2017 6:29 pm

Name: Juniperkit (past name) -> Brokenpaw (past name) -> Brokenwing
Age: 72 moons
Gender: Tom
Preferred Position: Medicine Cat
Clan/Tribe: RobinClan
Alive Family: Berrytail (sister, warrior), Cedarstripe (brother, warrior), Honeysplotch (sister, queen), Grasskit (nephew), Birchkit (nephew), Dewkit (neice)
Deceased Family: Crowflight (father, died from old age in the middle of the night) and Fernfeather (mother, died from an infected wound after battle)
Description: Very thick-furred Norwegian forest cat with a black smoke-colored coat. Has white markings on his tail tip, chest, and face mask. Almost 2 feet long from nose to tail tip stretched out and about 33 cm at the shoulder. Has a broken hind leg that never healed properly, which is always held above the ground, causing his walk to be a little of a limp. His eyes are a light green, the color of newly grown grass. Not much muscular build and slightly skinny.
Physical Abilities: Slightly good at hunting but it is rather hard with his broken hind leg, thick fur keeps out the cold, gets over-heated easily in warm or hot weather, broken leg makes him a very bad cat when it comes to strength, agility, and defense
Personality: Brokenwing is the kind uncle who every-cat needs in their lives. He is generous, patient, friendly, and a little bit humorous. 
History: Brokenwing started off as a normal kit named Juniperkit but his mother Fernfeather always favored his siblings better than him so he used that to his advantage and snuck out of camp. That would later be a mistake for he somehow travelled so far that he wounded up on the Thunderpath and a monster ran over his hind leg, crippling it. His name was changed to Brokenpaw by the leader and due to his injury was forced to become the medicine cat he is now. 
Accomplishments/Plans for the Future: 
Become the best medicine cat he can be
Retire after a while
Live to see his nephews and niece grow up
Has a tendency to sometimes forget which herbs do what
Roleplay Sample: 
Brokenwing slowly limped back into camp, goldenrod, thyme, and marigold hung from his mouth. His light green eyes flicker to his sister Honeysplotch who was playing with her kits and his heart ached sadly. If it hadn't been for his accident he could've been able to have kits of his own. He turned his gaze up towards the sky and frowned deeply. Why did I have to do this? Why couldn't you have let my wounds heal right? he asked StarClan. He slowly limped back into the medicine den, his thick-furred tail flicking behind him. It was so empty in his den whenever Molepaw was away. He sat down painfully on his nest and started sorting the herbs again, making sure the different piles never mixed or touched one another. He blinked his eyes as he remembered how lonely he was after his mentor passed away. He was the only one who slept in the next that leaf-bare and he recalled how cold it had been without his mentor's warmth. 

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