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Petalstorm, medicine keeper apprentice of Hickory

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Petalstorm, medicine keeper apprentice of Hickory

Post by Daisyleap on Sat Jul 18, 2015 5:21 am

Petalstorm ~ 12 moons ~ HickoryClan

Petalstorm is a tortoiseshell and white cat with amber-jade eyes. Petalstorm's personality is hard to tell. Her personality changes depending on what's going on around her. On normal days of Clan life, she is very calm and collected. Despite this very reserved personality, Petalstorm is always more than happy to converse with her closest friends or a high ranking cat. However, the cat she likes to talk to the most is her sister, Risinglight, since she's one of the only living kin that she has left. On happier days, Petalstorm changes from a quiet cat to a rambunctious and funny thing that is eager to get out of camp and do some hunting, patrolling, or collecting herbs. On dark and unpleasant days or on days when there is likely to be a battle, Petalstorm becomes aggressive, grumpy, and very moody. She becomes snappy and tends to shun all of the cats around her, even her own kin. Despite these constant changes in behavior, Petalstorm tries to be the best and most loyal medicine keeper to her Clan as she can be. Her mother Blackfern died of greencough, and her father Shadowpoppy was hit by a monster. She had a little sister named Flowerkit, but one day she had sneaked out of camp when Petalstorm was only an apprentice, and fell into StreamClan's border river and drowned, therefore dying. Petalstorm was born and raised in HickoryClan. As a kit, Petalkit's best friend Shadowkit (now Shadowcloud), wanted to be a warrior the second he was born, while Petalkit wanted to be a medicine cat the second she learned what it was. At 6 moons old, Petalkit was given her wish to be HickoryClan's medicine keeper apprentice, and received her medicine keeper apprentice name, Petalpaw. When Petalpaw's mother had went with another tom after her real father had died being hit by a monster and had a younger kitten named Flowerkit, it took a toll on her; she wouldn't be the cutest anymore. But, she quickly realized that her mother wouldn't want her to grieve for the rest of her life, and moved on to focus on being a medicine cat. She had just now received her full medicine keeper name and she hangs out with Risinglight, her sister. Petalstorm had never really cared about Flowerkit and when she sneaked out and drowned, but now realizes she should've been there to save her. She is now being trained by ____, and has trouble remembering which herb cures Greencough and Whitecough.

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