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Applepaw of CloudClan

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Applepaw of CloudClan

Post by Stormheart on Mon Nov 20, 2017 5:44 am

applepaw[flower] | shecat | six moons | cloudclan | apprentice | homosexual
appearance - applepaw is a wiry-haired shecat with ruffled fur. her pelt is a mix of black, and orange. however, her underpelt is white. she has a stubby muzzle, and a pink nose, as well as round, amber eyes. her build is rather muscular, giving her a fierce appearance when sought in battle. she's a bit chubby, but otherwise, she fights with ease.
personality - applepaw craves attention, trying to soak in as much as possible. she also loves getting affection for her, and will try to do anything to get cats to notice her, whether it's hunting for the best catch, or winning a battle in a training session; applepaw is determined to do it. she's very active, and will not moap around being lazy all day, however, she can get a bit hyper sometimes and go overboard without realizing it. despite her seeking affection, she is also giving affection, and can be known as rather affectionate. although, she can get clingy sometimes. applepaw will want to involved in everything and anything, and has a keen interest of things around her. applepaw in all, is a fun-loving friend, but can get a bit too clingy sometimes when seeking the center of attention. 
skills - 
fighting, 5
hunting, 8
climbing, 2
swimming, 1
running, 4
stamina, 7
herbs, 1
strength, 6
family - 
mother, tangledpelt
father, grasswind
littermates, weaselpaw(tom), troutpaw(shecat), hawkpaw(tom), primrosepaw(shecat), thistlepaw(tom)
history - tangledpalt wasn't always a part of a clan. she used to be a rogue. found injured as a young shecat, and unable to fight or escape, the clan cats took her to their camp. she was only 6 moons when they find her, so she was allowed to join the clan to heal. once well, she helped out with hunting, and apprentice duties, and finally received her clan named, tangledpaw. despite the...weird name, she loved being an apprentice. however, not many apprentices liked her, all except one, grasspaw. grasspaw and tangledpaw trained together, and became warriors together; being the same age. tangledpaw became tangledpelt, and grasspaw became grasswind. the two became mates, and had their first litter of kits. weaselkit, troutkit, hawkkit, primrosekit, thistlekit, and applekit. the kits all grew up well together, however, applekit often seeked attention because of her show-off littermates. she was often ignored as a kit, but clinged to her mother like a burr never the less. finally, once made apprentices, applepaw had a chance to become the center of attention, without her brothers, and sisters, crowding her space.

<< My Cats >>
Cloudclan: Honeypool(warrior), Applepaw(app.)
Frostclan: Runningclaw(m.cat), Littlepaw(app.)
Robinclan: Duskheart(warrior)
Snowclan: Stormstar(leader)

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Re: Applepaw of CloudClan

Post by Daisyleap on Wed Nov 22, 2017 10:43 am

Fuzzy Rainbows


"Sometimes bad things happen for no reason, or for reasons we can't begin to understand."


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