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Testing thingy // personal

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Testing thingy // personal

Post by Stormheart on Tue Nov 21, 2017 5:57 am


introduction: Hi there! Welcome to my art shop. I've decided to do some art for some silver beetles on here, or possibly even some cool stuff. I don't really know if the prices are under or over, so bare with me. If they don't seem fair to you, please tell me! ;w;

examples: here are a few of my drawings! i do digital art, and mostly draw felines, and canines. although i can try human headshots, but they won't be the best...

payments n' info: please tell me if these prices should be lowered or made higher!!
fullbody normal: 200 sb?? or 1 gb if ya want
headshot normal: 150 sb or 1 gb
fullbody chibi: 100 sb or 1 gb
headshot chibi: 50 sb or 1 gb

pickups & to-dos:
to do -
to do -
to do -
pick up -
pick up -
pick up -

also cool or rare decor or stuff are accepted too, and lions :p

SNOWCLAN: Leafstar
CLOUDCLAN: Beetlegorse
ROBINCLAN: Brokenmist
DEWCLAN: Mistlestar
DAWNCLAN: Ripplepaw
SMOKECLAN: Sorrelfur

check out my adoptables! xx
plot with my cats here!
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